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Experience is Key

Your best solution starts with the right partner and Loftware prides itself on being the first to uniquely address the full spectrum of barcode labeling and packaging artwork requirements across a broad range of industries. We offer comprehensive onsite system consulting, integration, product support, customer care and maintenance programs for all our customers globally. Our success over the years is a testament to our dedicated employees who maintain the expertise to quickly develop solutions to meet any customer or market demands.

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Loftware Innovates

From pioneering barcode labeling software in a "loft" in Maine 30 years ago - today Loftware continues to innovate offering a new cloud-based digital platform with solutions that redefine how enterprises create, manage and print complex labeling and manage packaging artwork and business processes across their operations.

Loftware Advises

Loftware’s highly trained experts have extensive industry experience in supply chain methodologies, product lifecycle processes, Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management best practices, and in enterprise technologies. Thirty years of experience with dozens of the largest companies worldwide mean Loftware truly understands your challenges and shows you how to overcome them.
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Loftware Delivers

Loftware delivers comprehensive, configurable solutions including software and services designed to meet the specific needs of your industry and your market. Loftware is certified on both SAP and Oracle and has extensive experience with other ERP systems used in supply chains today. Unlike other companies, we prefer to utilize your existing technology and design a comprehensive, configurable and cost-effective solution around it.

Loftware Supports

Effective and efficient Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management are mission critical for getting product to market and getting that product delivered across the supply chain. Whether it’s customer support, account management or assistance with training or other professional services, Loftware is always just a phone call away around the globe. With average wait times of one minute or less, your needs will always remain our number one priority.

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Our Devoted Team

The professionals behind Loftware work almost exclusively with large enterprises and global organizations to solve Artwork Management and product lifecycle issues and specific supply chain challenges. With extensive support and training available for any labeling need, we are always here when you need us.