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Move Inventory Faster. It Starts with the Label.
Think about it—the label connects the supplier’s intent to your ERP and, equally important, to the part itself. What if you could control the labeling outside your four walls so that shipments from suppliers and other trading partners were labeled with the information you required?
Top 5 Trends in Enterprise Labeling Report
2018 Top 5 Trends in Enterprise Labeling Report
How has labeling changed with digital transformation and the new global supply chain model? As businesses become more global and complex, companies need to look at labeling differently. Download the latest report to get the top labeling trends for 2018.
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Enterprise Labeling for Dummies
Enterprise Labeling for Dummies
Written for executives and other supply chain professionals, it will get you up to speed on everything labeling quickly. The book spells out the essentials for Enterprise Labeling success and highlights labeling trends that are keeping companies on their toes.
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The Changing Landscape of Barcode Labeling
This paper developed by VDC Research, the leading authority in barcode hardware and software industry analysis, addresses the evolution of barcode labeling software and outlines the evolving requirements shaping the future of labeling.

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Oracle Labeling
Integrate Enterprise Labeling with Oracle to Optimize Your Global Supply Chain
The best way to manage labeling in today’s complex Oracle supply chain is to integrate with an Enterprise Labeling Solution. With a standardized, Enterprise labeling approach, companies are able to respond quickly and efficiently to customer label demands while dramatically cutting costs and simplifying maintenance.
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Learn How Trek Bicycle Keeps Pace with Customer Label Demands
Learn How Trek Bicycle Keeps Pace with Customer Label Demands
With their continued growth, it was essential for Trek to rely on Loftware to help streamline their labeling processes. Learn how this Loftware customer was able to meet thousands of customer label demands, reduce label templates from 500 to 1 while printing over 10 million custom labels globally.
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Enterprise Labeling – A Supply Chain Strategic Imperative
Enterprise Labeling – A Supply Chain Strategic Imperative
Enterprise Labeling empowers companies with the agility to deal with today’s complex labeling requirements and regulations, the ability to support high levels of variability in labeling, while providing the speed and scalability to support global supply chains. To find out more, download this Special Report.
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[Webinar] How Modine Improved Efficiency with Labeling and SAP®
[Webinar] How Modine Improved Efficiency with Labeling and SAP®
Today’s manufacturers must operate as efficiently as possible while ensuring the rapid, seamless flow of goods across the extended supply chain. Barcode labeling plays a key role, but changing customer demands add complexity. Download this webinar to see how Modine centralized labeling from its SAP environment.
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