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Products overview

End-to-end digital platform for labeling & artwork management

Loftware redefines how enterprises create, manage and print complex labeling and packaging artwork and scale across their global landscape.

New Product Development

New products are the lifeblood of many companies, with more and more pressure to bring products to market ahead of the competition. However, managing the new product development process, including packaging and artwork variations, can be daunting, especially when internal and external stakeholders are involved. Disruptions to critical paths and growing complexities of new packaging artwork can slow your time to market and impact your bottom line.

Loftware’s configurable, automated solutions streamline packaging development and end-to-end business processes. With Loftware, you can:

  • Automate critical paths,
  • Improve change management,
  • Drive packaging design,
  • Plan and control workloads and manage brands globally.

Loftware enables you to collaborate more efficiently to track and manage New Product Development (NPD) and streamline packaging from concept to shelf - all while reducing time to market.

Product Packaging

Product packaging plays an important role in consumer decisions. It’s an important purchase driver and it communicates many things from your company’s image and corporate values to product and safety information. However, managing the related artwork and many variations as part of the product lifecycle presents a range of complex challenges – unforeseen bottlenecks, long approval times, and even packaging errors. That's why it's important to have an artwork management solution that automates workflows and enables users to review, proof and approve artwork in real-time.

To ensure accuracy and speed time to market, it's critical that your solution manage assets, translations and phrases in one central location. With Loftware, you can do all that and increase control of the overall packaging process, while significantly reducing approval times. You'll be able to:

  • eliminate error prone manual processes,
  • identify process bottlenecks,
  • gain visibility,
  • facilitate validation and
  • significantly improve control and compliance.


If you're like most manufacturers, managing the receipt of goods is a complex process involving multiple stakeholders. Now consider the daunting task of relabeling inbound goods on receipt and the subsequent impact to inventory and annual operating costs. Also, there are issues around delivery timetables and labeling accuracy. This means you could wind up spending a lot of time and money reconciling supplier goods while product sits in your warehouse instead of in customer’s hands.

With Loftware you're able to extend labeling beyond your organization to suppliers, 3PLs and trading partners so you can eliminate relabeling cost while reducing time to production and expediting shipments. You're also able to reduce buffer inventory and carrying costs and ensure reconciliation of supplier goods and inventories. With Loftware, you can standardize labels anywhere in the world with any of your suppliers.


Today's manufacturers face a host of challenges - from labor shortages and shifting regulations to new global competitors and unpredictable supply chain disruptions. Many things can threaten the success of your supply chain, make sure that labeling isn’t one of them. Because when labeling goes down so does production. Loftware empowers you to standardize and automate your labeling across all manufacturing facilities to keep pace with production and ensure continuous operations and business continuity. Integrate labeling with your existing business processes and vital data sources to ensure accuracy. Save time and money by streamlining your labeling processes, avoiding mislabeling and eliminating fines for non-compliance. Loftware also helps facilitate the kitting and picking process, removes the labeling burden on IT with intelligent business logic, and enables you to optimize label printing to allow for smooth production flow.


Mastering inventory management is not a simple task. All your items that are sourced, stored and sold - whether raw materials or finished goods - need to be labeled, managed and recorded systematically. While a Warehouse Management System (WMS) will certainly help you control, move, and store materials into, within, and out of a warehouse, you'll also need a configurable labeling solution to make sure all that goes smoothly.

Loftware seamlessly integrates with your WMS applications to automate label production and ensure labeling accuracy. Loftware's solution standardizes and centralizes labels across your warehouse, broadens access to labeling when needed, and facilitates on-demand labeling when required. Also, Loftware enables labeling upon receipt in the warehouse to minimize stock levels and optimize the picking process - eliminating any guesswork that leads to costly errors and mislabeling.


Distribution management is critical to any company's financial success, and proper distribution planning should align with your company's business strategy. However, one major factor that sometimes goes unchecked is labeling. The label is your product passport between the digital and the physical throughout your supply chain and therefore plays an integral part in maintaining business continuity. Ultimately, if labeling goes down you can’t ship product.

Loftware enables you to manage, edit and print compliant shipping labels, while providing insight across your entire printer network. With Loftware you can now scale labeling faster and easier across a global landscape while maintaining corporate standards. Loftware’s solution integrates with existing business applications so you can leverage vital sources of truth. Business logic enables you to quickly and easily meet customer-specific demands for shipping and manufacturing and it allows you to make mass label changes to significantly reduces your number of label templates.


In this highly regulated marketplace, you must be able to consistently keep pace with evolving standards and regulations that define how your products are developed, marketed, shipped and disposed. If you can’t comply, you risk hefty fines, business disruption, and may even be kept from entering new markets. To facilitate compliance, your labeling must support many variations so you can easily manage mass label changes easily, while including more and more information.

Loftware helps you comply, reduces demand on IT resources, and enables business users to design compliant labels while managing formats, barcodes, logos, languages, and content. This includes adding industry-specific warnings, product information and even color to meet global and regional requirements. When you standardize labeling with Loftware you can centralize content to ensure consistency and accuracy and you can scale global labeling quickly. You also are provided with audit and reporting capabilities so there is a digital record of user actions, labels printed and system information. Additionally, you can easily manage control and access while extending printing and management to remote sites.

Wholesale and Retail

Both wholesale and retail companies are facing new levels of competition as direct-to-consumer trends gain traction in the marketplace. That, along with e-commerce and increasing product personalization, mean that wholesale and retail businesses need to address complex labeling challenges or get buried in a competitive landslide. To compete, you need to reduce the time for your labeling to adapt to changing customer preferences, regions, regulations and product variations.

Loftware enables fast and efficient label design, and with rules-based logic, you can update thousands of labels quickly to respond to mercurial customer preferences. Reduce product label inventories, eliminate costs and waste from pre-printed labels, and extend label printing to any partner or supplier. Because Loftware supports a wide range of printer makes, models and languages and provides on-demand labeling printing, you can manage label printing whenever and wherever you need to. 


The ability to shop online 24/7 means consumers have access to a wide sweep of brands, products and price points. And today's wise consumer has become very selective, not only about the products they purchase and the companies they purchase from but also about how and when they receive their purchases. To gain a competitive edge, you must be able to provide convenience, personalization and even support sustainability.

Loftware ensures consistency, maximizes flexibility and scales with your business to help you strengthen your brand, improve recognition and enable differentiation. Also, Loftware's artwork management capabilities facilitate packaging options so you can meet consumer preferences. With a centralized content library, version control and certified integration to existing business applications, Loftware reduces time to market, supports e-labeling options and offers a foundation for traceability. Loftware helps you to eliminate the high costs of packaging and label errors and reduce product recalls to help ensure consumer safety. Because, with Loftware you always get the right label, on the right product, at the right time.

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