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Automate and streamline labeling

Automate and
Streamline Labeling

Integrate with business applications to automate and streamline labeling while eliminating the costs and time associated with manual labeling processes.

Meet customer barcode labeling demands

Meet Customer
Labeling Demands

Enable label formatting and content to change dynamically to support mass label changes and quickly meet complex customer requirements, while limiting the number of label designs.

Comply with barcode and labeling regulations

Comply with

Quickly and easily make labeling changes to keep pace with evolving regulatory standards to avoid business disruption and potential fines and penalties associated with non-compliance.

Avoid labeling errors

Avoid Labeling Errors

Avoid mislabeling issues which can cost time and money, when you remove manual labeling processes to realize error-free printing and labeling across your enterprise.

Eliminate delays and downtime due to labeling

Eliminate Delays And Downtime

Remove IT resource bottlenecks to eliminate delays and downtime when you automate and streamline labeling so business users can quickly and easily access and update label templates.

Scale labeling globally

Scale Globally

Streamline maintenance and eliminate the need for relabeling with browser-based capabilities that enable central control of label designs, with flexibility to print anywhere across the supply chain.



Leverage Existing Business Applications

SAP Labeling Solution

Loftware's certified integration with SAP® business applications enables companies to leverage SAP as a source of truth for data to better meet enterprise class requirements. Our mission critical labeling solution and intelligent integration capabilities allow companies to maximize existing investments, eliminate the need to retrain users and scale to meet future business requirements. See Solutions for SAP page

Barcode labeling for Oracle

As an Oracle® Gold Partner, Loftware offers validated integration with Oracle, providing your business with closed-loop, end-to-end labeling processes. Loftware's Enterprise Labeling Solutions integrate with business applications such as Oracle Warehouse Management System (WMS), JDE, PeopleSoft and Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA) to source label data without having to alter your existing business processes. See Solutions for Oracle page

Barcode labeling for ERP business applications

Through an advanced API, Loftware seamlessly integrates with a wide range of business-critical applications, like TECSYS and QAD to name a few. Loftware's comprehensive Enterprise Labeling Solutions leverage the investments you've already made in your enterprise resource planning and supply chain execution applications. You can integrate to your source(s) of truth and ensure that your labeling processes adhere to your business, customer and regulatory requirements. See Solutions for Business Apps page

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Integrate Enterprise Labeling
with Oracle 

The best way to manage labeling in today’s complex supply chain and Oracle environment, whether it’s on-premise with the eBusiness or in the Cloud, is to integrate with an Enterprise Labeling Solution. 

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Integrate Enterprise Labeling
with SAP 

To manage today's global supply chain, many leading companies have turned to SAP to support their supply chain strategies. Forward-thinking organizations are recognizing that labeling plays a direct role in achieving these results.

The changing landscape of barcode labeling

The Changing Landscape
of Barcode Labeling

VDC Research, the leading authority in barcode hardware and software researched how barcode labeling software is changing. Find out how today's global supply chain is shaping the future of labeling.


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