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Products overview


Alliance Partner Program

Join the Loftware Alliance Program, a community of Independent Software Vendors and manufacturers of printers and other hardware, who need to execute labeling painlessly.


Discover the benefits of an alliance with Loftware


Make label design easy for your customers.


Avoid coding and customization.


Print to more than 4000 specialty printers.


Avoid delays in projects due to labeling.


Reduce your professional services costs.


Bring your solutions to our vast community of end users and our global network of channel partners.

How does our Alliance Partner Program work?


All our partnerships start with technology

Together, we develop and certify business optimized connectors and Microsoft Certified Windows printer drivers. 


From technology, we build business together

Our mutual goal is to generate high-quality leads. We enable your sales engineers and salespeople. We co-operate in sales and marketing programs.


Product roadmap and long-term vision

We build a long-term business relationship together that is mutually beneficial. We create multi-year software co-development and marketing roadmaps.

What valuable expertise does Loftware offer to our Alliance Partners?

  • Next generation platform for customers driving 3 printers to thousands of printers - available in the cloud or on-premise.
  • Label Design: We make it easy and quick to design complex barcode and RFID labels.
  • Integration: Our strategy is to work out of the box with most ERP, MES and WMS.
  • Label management: We automatically track/control label changes and track all print history providing a digital audit trail. 
  • 4K+ Windows printer drivers: We develop of the drivers for specialty printers allowing you to easily drive any printer natively.
  • Microsoft-certified, next generation drivers with native printer support from the NiceLabel platform.
  • Label printers: Native printer support incorporates Unicode fonts including RTL support, printer resident fonts, printer resident barcodes, printer resident lines and boxes, printer counters, and real time printer clock.
  • Direct marking printers: Support direct marking devices via store and recall. Advanced capabilities include multi-printhead support.
  • Color label printers: Our drivers support inkjet and thermal transfer color label printers natively. Color separation is supported for thermal transfer dual ribbon printers. We also support other color printers, including laser, via OEM Windows drivers. 
  • Printer monitoring and management analytics for visibility of all printers, print data, applications and users.
  • Big data establishing predictive maintenance and managed print services 

For printing from any Android, iOS or Windows device to any cloud connected printer without the need for any software on-premise. 

We connect our cloud label management system with other cloud-based business application. This lets you print direct from your existing business transactions with your master data. Our vision is to work out of the box with these business systems

Enables connectivity between specialty printers, Cloud business applications and mobile computers, with no need for custom connectors, and no need to install any software on premise. This zero-foot print approach means no print servers, no proxies, no VPNs, and Windows drivers on-premise.

We make it easy to encode RFID labels and to log data such as the TID.

Interested in joining the Loftware Alliance Partner Program? 

  • Differentiate from your competitors by offering users the best and easiest barcode labeling solution.
  • Integrate your business applications with your labeling solution seamlessly
  • Streamline printer connectivity and print to many thousands of specialty printers directly from your applications.
  • Optimize the process for barcode label design, label management and label printing.
  • Give your users maximum ROI and a great customer experience when it comes to barcode labeling and marking.
  • Print directly and securely via the Cloud.

Join Loftware’s Alliance Partner Program