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COVID-19 Impact on Global Supply Chains

Live Video Interview: Professor Willy Shih from the Harvard Business School discusses the impact of COVID-19 on global supply chains.

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Hypertherm Realizes 
$1.5M - $5M in Savings

Learn how Hypertherm utilized Loftware’s Enterprise Labeling Solution to significantly reduce downtime, avoid mislabeling, simplify maintenance, and provide reliable labeling for its global suppliers - saving the company millions.

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Modine Integrates Labeling with SAP®

Learn how Modine uses Loftware's Enterprise Labeling Solution while leveraging SAP as it’s source of truth to streamline and improve labeling processes across it’s supply chain globally.

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Ensure Fast Accurate Label Printing

How McCormick keeps up to date with evolving regulatory and customer label requirements while printing over 500K labels a month. Find out how delays are avoided and continuous up-time is maintained by downloading the latest case study.

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How One Pharmaceutical Company Optimizes Labeling in SAP

Find out how this pharmaceutical company was able to streamline their labeling processes in SAP, reducing label templates, and improving label management.

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Trek Bicycle Keeps Pace with Customer Label Demands

Trek exports to over 90 different countries and sells their bikes through more than 500 independent dealers internationally. With continued growth and international presence, it is important for Trek to rely on Loftware to streamline their manufacturing processes and maintain continuous operations.

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