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Loftware Academy

Improve your skills and learn best practices in our self-directed online training. You can also earn certifications for completing sets of related courses.

IT administrators, operations managers, QA supervisors, label designers, and others can take specialized Academy courses and learn to use our products to effectively design, manage, print, use applications, and automate labelling in your printing environment.

Academy courses range from 15 minutes to several hours and include interactive labs and quizzes to test your skills. We regularly add and update Academy courses. 


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Label Printing Proficiency

Learn to reduce printing time and troubleshoot common issues as well as increase label printing efficiency.


Support Regulatory Compliance

Stay ahead of changing and complex regulations with courses that illustrate compliance requirements in various industries.


Enhance the Supply Chain

Learn how to optimize label management, reduce errors, and improve efficiency across the supply chain, ensuring business continuity.

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