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Products overview

Redefine how you create, manage and print labels

Loftware helps businesses of all sizes manage labeling across their operations and supply chain. Whether you have five printers or thousands, looking for cloud or on-premise, we've got a labeling solution that fits your business requirements.


The industry’s most comprehensive labeling solutions


All-in-one labeling solutions

By standardizing the entire label printing process into one platform, Loftware redefines how organizations manage complex and mission-critical labeling operations.


Certified integrations with business systems

With Loftware’s certified integrations to leading business applications, such as Oracle and SAP, you can connect labeling with any of your existing business systems to streamline and automate your labeling processes.


Labeling built for the Cloud

Loftware’s labeling solutions are designed to be run in the cloud, helping you achieve the highest level of print performance and reliability for your mission critical labeling.


Putting label management in the hands of business users

Our intuitive interfaces and WYSIWYG design capabilities make it easy for business users to manage the label design process. This frees up costly IT resources and creates a more efficient label design and management process.


Meeting your unique labeling requirements

You can configure our labeling solutions to support your business processes and to satisfy specific customer, industry and regulatory requirements. Our solutions also include pre-designed label templates and applications that comply with common industry regulations.


Industry best practices and first-class service

With extensive services, support and training available for all your labeling needs, we are always here when you need us…anytime, anywhere - around the globe.

Loftware fundamentally transforms legacy approaches to labeling 


Trusted by thousands of businesses across the globe

Countless organizations struggle with a siloed approach to labeling within their operations and across locations, with separate solutions for each stage of the labeling process. Loftware enables companies of all sizes, from all kinds of industries,  to use a single platform to meet the broadest range of labeling requirements, integrate with key business systems and output to all printing devices used in your operations and supply chain.

“The gain in template management is in itself a win. Having fewer templates and one designer guarantees less maintenance and a uniform label design. But we gain even more by being able to standardize our label materials and even our printer hardware. This guarantees easy IT support, reduces material costs and ensures less downtime because you have everything in stock.”

Martijn Huijbreghs

IT Application Manager with BBio

Using Loftware Spectrum has allowed us to automate and remove human error from our labeling processes and using business rules to validate input data has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars by avoiding downtime and shipping charges.

Isaac Carty

IT Administrator, Hypertherm

Our experts are here to help

We provide more than just labeling software. Our team is here to share the best practices, services and support to help your business succeed. Take the first step to optimize your labeling and artwork management & packaging artwork - contact Loftware today!