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Accurate, consistent and flexible labeling for supply chain success. Loftware integrates proven solutions with your business processes to standardize mission-critical labeling. Loftware ensures that you can quickly and easily support complex, global and high volume barcode labeling requirements while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

What is Enterprise Labeling?

Our Solutions Help You...

Automate and Streamline labeling

Automate and
Streamline Labeling

Seamlessly integrate with enterprise applications and eliminate manual labeling processes.

Meet Customer Labeling Demands

Meet Customer
Labeling Demands

Gain the speed and flexibility to support countless variations of labels whenever a need arises.

Comply with labeling regulations

Comply with

Quickly and easily make labeling changes to keep pace with evolving regulatory standards.

Avoid Labeling Errors

Avoid Labeling Errors

Remove manual labeling processes to realize error-free printing and labeling across your enterprise.

Eliminate delays and downtime due to barcode labeling

Eliminate Delays And Downtime

Strengthen your supply chain at all levels to keep production moving -  saving time, money and frustration.

Scale your labeling globally

Scale Globally

Eliminate language, regulatory and region-specific barriers that limit global expansion.

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Built to Integrate

Barcode labeling for SAP applications

Loftware proudly partners with SAP, Oracle and other business applications.

Loftware's labeling software integrates with leading ERP applications, including SAP and Oracle and allows critical supply chain labeling to be dynamic, data driven, and synchronized with your existing business applications.

Barcode labeling for Oracle

Support and Services

With the increasing amount of labeling complexity, businesses need to tap industry specific knowledge and best practices so that barcode labeling can be both configured and optimized to meet each company’s unique needs. Loftware's team of trained industry professionals offers tailored service and support - ensuring maximum production uptime, reducing the need for costly IT resources and increasing overall supply chain efficiency.

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"We've never had to focus our efforts on making sure that Loftware was going to work because it always has. We've run 10 million labels and our uptime is literally 100%."

Tom Spoke, Trek Bicycles

"Loftware provides the engine for our global enterprise label service. As the thought leader in the labeling space, we consider Loftware to be a strategic resource and partner."

Tim Cukr, McCormick & Company

"Thank you Loftware for the extremely high level of support on all interactions. Everyone at Loftware goes far above what we needed to ensure my success."

G. Paul Johnston, FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage

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