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Products overview

Simplify your supply chain printing processes

With a confusing array of brands, technologies, and models on the market, many companies struggle when it comes to managing their complex supply chain printing processes. However, with Loftware’s standardized and centralized labeling solutions, organizations can now manage all their printing requirements from one unified software platform. 


The cost of disconnected printers

When it comes to printing on the production line, far too many businesses still rely on closed-loop systems that use disconnected purpose-built software for different print devices.

If this sounds familiar, you are likely to face one or more of the following issues:

  • Your IT team will spend far too much time designing and modifying label formats and messages.
  • Your print operators will be manually configuring printers and operating one print application at a time.
  • You will run out of ink, ribbon, and labels without knowing in advance.
  • Manual errors will slow down your operations and may cause mis-shipments.
  • You risk printing labels that are out of compliance with your customers’ requirements. 

One solution prints all

Loftware offers all-in-one cloud-based labeling solutions that redefine how enterprises create, manage, and print codes, dates, serial numbers, and labels across the supply chain.  

By deploying Loftware’s powerful labeling solutions, businesses of all sizes can seamlessly implement, deploy, maintain, and easily scale all their labeling and supply chain printing operations across multiple plants from one unified platform.  

With Loftware, organizations can eliminate the costly and time-consuming issues brought on by manual intervention and mislabeling on the production floor while simultaneously benefitting from global oversight capabilities and enabling local autonomy.

Printing devices supported by Loftware include thermal and color label printers, coding and marking devices, visual inspection systems, serialization solutions, and document printers. 


Benefits for companies of all sizes


Eliminate manual errors 

Eliminate costly and time-consuming issues brought on by manual intervention and mislabeling on the production floor. 


Drive all print devices

Drive all print device types from one digital platform, ranging from supply chain thermal transfer label printers to coding and marking production devices.


End proprietary software dependency

Eliminate your reliance on proprietary software typically provided by printer manufacturers.   


Harness digital transformation 

Take a leap forward in your automation journey without a costly wholesale replacement of existing printer fleets.   


Easily scale operations

Seamlessly implement, deploy, maintain, and scale all labeling and supply chain printing operations across multiple plants. 

A labeling, coding, and marking success story

An international dairy company implemented Loftware’s standardized labeling solution for all its labeling and marking printers. This enabled them to reduce costs, increase label accuracy, and improve productivity.

“Loftware shared our vision for a single solution for labeling and marking. They were a true partner in helping us achieve our goal... With Loftware, our company has become an innovator in labeling and marking. Together, we are building label management solutions that previously weren’t available.” 
- Senior Solution Architect at an international dairy company 


Download label printer drivers today

Loftware supports over 5000+ printer models across 100+ printer brands. Find your printer and download the right driver so you can print at peak performance.