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Products overview


Differentiate and grow your business 

Join a community of skilled and innovative channel partners differentiated by our software and services.  We help our partners build labeling solutions that create significant value for their customers.


Key advantages of being a member of the Loftware Partner Program


Partner with the leader

Loftware is the global leader in labeling and cloud technology


Deliver more value with Loftware NiceLabel

Modernize your customers' legacy labeling systems, deliver the fastest ROI and support the widest range of print technologies


Our pre-sales and services teams help you win

Our Professional Services Group helps you configure printing and data management applications that transform your customers' labeling processes


More revenue, recurring revenue

Make more per project with Loftware NiceLabel Cloud, subscription (SaaS) based labeling software



Apply your service and solutions business model to labeling. Use Loftware to win professional services projects


Earn customer loyalty

Get visibility into your customers’ entire budget for supplies and Auto ID. Provide new value that unlocks customers’ investments in your solutions

Lead with Loftware NiceLabel


Replace legacy labeling solutions and deploy our best-of-breed, modern technology.


Only Loftware offers a Cloud Labeling solution through channel partners.


Our installation process is simple. Our technology is more advanced. Our licensing model is easy to understand.


Don’t migrate your customers to the next version of a legacy labeling software. Migrate them to the modern, stable, Loftware NiceLabel Cloud platform.


Why take labeling software into the cloud?

Cloud labeling systems solve the challenges our partners have with traditional software. What does Cloud deliver? It’s always up to date. No lost license keys. No software installs. Data back-up, sharing and collaboration. Ability for you to serve your customer remotely, and report out on their labels usage and activity.

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Who cares about traditional label design software?

Who cares? No-one cares. Your customers just want more value and you deliver it with Cloud labeling systems. Help them achieve faster label changes while cutting costs and eliminating printing errors. Modernize, streamline and digitize all of their label printing processes and move their business forward.

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We help you sell more


You have everything you need to sell

Ready-made marketing campaigns, award-winning case studies, market insights

Use our software to drive your business

Co-brand every copy of software you sell, get qualified leads from software trial downloads, and earn commission on software sales.

Sustain your success with happy customers

You have access to our experienced Pre-Sales Engineers, Professional Services Group and Technical Support.

Become an expert in labeling solutions

Join free online technical and sales training courses at the Loftware Partner Academy

Join the Loftware partner program

Differentiate from your competitors and start growing your business today