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Products overview

Conquer regulatory compliance and customer requirements

Evolving customer demands, industry standards and regulations define how products are developed, shipped, and disposed. If you can’t comply, you risk hefty fines, business disruption, and ability to enter new markets. Cloud-based labeling allows you to meet requirements and ensure customer satisfaction. 

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Compliance made easy


Enable regulatory compliance 

Non-compliant, replicated, or incorrect data can cause your business a lot of headaches and can even risk consumer safety. An agile labeling process helps you quickly comply with regulatory requirements regardless of industry, from DSCSA to FSMA, EUMDR and more.


Ensure customer satisfaction 

Customer expectations have increased with no sign of slowing. You must be able to meet customer specific labeling requirements and do so with great speed. Dynamic data-driven labeling allows you to use a templatized approach and master variations with ease. 


Effectively manage recalls

Recalls can be a nightmare if you don’t know where your product is. Labeling and packaging processes that support traceability and allow you to react quickly to identify product is crucial in managing costly recalls.


Enable market entry

Don’t get caught at the border and don’t limit your company’s reach due to non-compliant labeling practices. Compliant labeling helps to ensure entry to new markets and overall business growth.


Reduce risk

Mislabeling can be costly – from fines and brand damage to safety issues. A solution that provides transparency to track labeling and packaging activity allows you to gain insight into processes, to reduce potential risks and time to market.

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