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March 21, 2024


Loftware at Modex 2024: three key takeaways to improve supply chains

Josh Thorp

Global Sales Development Manager

Modex 2024 was a blast! I had a great time in Atlanta, Georgia, meeting supply chain experts from all over the world and learning about the coolest innovations in supplytech – from green practices to smart machines. 

Here are my top three takeaways from the show. 

#1 Tech is the way to go for supply chains. The world is a crazy place right now, with politics, climate, and the economy impacting companies of all sizes. Businesses need to be flexible, strong, and smart to survive and thrive. That’s why investing in new and innovative technologies like the Cloud is so important. Our 2024 “Top 5 Trends” report shows that 71% of companies intend to use the Cloud or a mix of cloud and other solutions for their mission-critical labeling needs in the next three years. The Cloud can help organizations deal with any business challenges that come their way, both now and in the future. Want to know more? Read our full report here. 

#2 Going green is not just a fad. The topic of sustainability is a big deal these days, and it’s not going away anytime soon. There are a lot of rules and regulations that aim to make businesses more eco-friendly, and they are poised to reshape the way companies operate. Some examples are the EU Digital Product Passport, carbon labeling, the EU Ecolabel, and Fairtrade certification.  The good news is that cloud-based solutions can make compliance easier. Automation and integration are key; they can help businesses create accurate labels that follow the rules in different places, without copying data or making mistakes. When it comes to product identification, connecting labeling with reliable data sources can make sure everything is consistent and precise. Plus, these technologies can check labels in realtime and catch any errors or issues right away. Want to make your labeling more sustainable in the Cloud? Check out our recent whitepaper here. 

#3 Saving money is vital for businesses. Organizations can dramatically cut costs by avoiding labeling errors with cloud technology. Gartner research shows how inaccurate labeling can lead to problems such as product delays and recalls, which can cost manufacturers a lot of money and customers. But using a cloud-based labeling solution – one that links labeling processes with business processes to make them faster, more accurate, and more compliant – can prevent labeling errors and save businesses money, time, and reputation.  Additionally, cloud-first business strategies have given companies of all sizes access to world-class systems. Rather than paying a hefty fee, companies can spend on a subscription basis and upgrade their plans as needed. Download our report to discover more. 

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