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January 5, 2023


Loftware in the news - December 2022: Product labeling, sustainable supply chains, and Zebra Validation status

Laura Hindley

Senior PR & Communications Manager

As 2022 drew to a close, we secured media placements across North America, the UK, and DACH. During December, we issued an announcement about our recent Zebra Technologies Validation status, which was picked up by several publications. Additionally, Loftware experts were interviewed about a variety of topics including product labeling, supply chains, and sustainability.  

Read on for key media coverage highlights from December 2022. 

#1 A podcast interview about the importance of labeling in supply chains. Josh Roffman, Loftware SVP Marketing & Product Management, was interviewed by The New Warehouse Podcast about the importance of labeling within supply chains. The episode explored some challenges that companies face as they expand globally, the costs of labeling errors, and the benefits of moving labeling operations to the cloud. Listen to the interview here. 

#2 Loftware achieves Zebra Technologies Validation. Labels & Labeling wrote about our Zebra Technologies Validation status, which ensures that all aspects of our NiceLabel software, including features utilized on Zebra devices, work in harmony to deliver a superior end-user experience, thereby supporting customers’ mission-critical labeling and printing needs. Read more here. 

#3 Loftware on sustainability & supply chain disruptions. In a recent interview with Manufacturing Digital, Josh Roffman explained how a modern cloud-based labeling solution can help companies of all sizes build a sustainable, cost-effective, and time-efficient production line. He also covered the benefits of improved supply chain transparency and timestamps, especially during periods of ongoing supply chain disruption. Learn more here. 

#4 Predictions for 2023. In Labels & Labeling’s annual predictions article, Josh Roffman discussed his expectations for the year ahead. He outlined the opportunity offered by marking and coding devices, as well as the ongoing transformation of the labeling software space. Discover more here.  

Keep up to date with Loftware’s media coverage by checking out our media coverage page 

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