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March 16, 2021


The new post-pandemic business model: providing services virtually

Paul Vogt

In our business, the human touch is important. Prior to the pandemic, as a NiceLabel channel partner, you were constantly visiting customers with new solutions, to provide services, check supply inventory and discuss ongoing projects. The pandemic has put a stop to many of these in-person visits, and we’ve had to go virtual. To continue to provide the same level of high-quality service, embracing cloud-based, collaborative tools is essential. Without them, we simply couldn’t survive.

We also believe that virtual collaboration won’t disappear with the pandemic restrictions. This virtual way of working is the future. Which is why we’ve been developing our own cloud-based collaborative tools; to give you, our partners, the foundation you need to create a new, post-pandemic business model.

Introducing the “Service Provider Role

In 2020, we launched a new, cloud-based business model for our partners. This model enables you to deliver labeling solutions-as-a-service securely and remotely. We call it the “Service Provider Role”.

The cloud-based labeling solution acts as a virtual collaboration tool for labeling, which you can use to demonstrate, sell and configure labeling solutions for customers, remotely from your home. Using this tool, you can handle all aspects of the sales and installation process:

  • Running live demos
  • Designing and test printing label templates
  • Deploying solutions
  • Printing labels
  • Managing supplies inventory

Our goal with this new approach to selling and supporting labeling, is to help you collaborate and interact with your customers without being on-site. It helps you transform remote working from being a barrier to being your competitive advantage.    

Fully remote implementation

It all starts with the onboarding process. You can be just as hands-on in helping your customer get set up in the Cloud, providing log-in information, setting up access and defining user roles. Your customer feels guided and supported throughout the process, even though you’re not physically present at their location.

Once the initial set-up is complete, you can continue providing all of the services you’re used to providing face-to-face – just remotely. This includes helping them to design print applications, configure IoT (cloud) printers and integrate labeling with their master data. In other words, you can configure the entire solution remotely, and get them up and running quickly.

Proactive customer service

After your customer is up and running, you can continue to grow and strengthen your relationship by providing value-adding services – also remotely. For example, using our cloud-based collaboration tool, you can provide remote data analytics services, which used to require a monthly, in-person visit. You can monitor your customers’ usage of printers and supplies, provide reports on which label templates they’re using and how many labels they’re printing on each printer. This information helps you proactively engage with your customers, replenish their label and printer supplies and offer load balancing services. You can continue to offer all of the services that help you bring more value to your customer’s business. You can even monitor any errors and issues that your customers are experiencing, and offer them support, before the issues disrupt their business.

Through this “Service Provider” role, you’re able to bundle services, hardware and supplies into your cloud-based labeling software offering. And let’s not forget one of the most important benefits – subscription revenue. Label Cloud is subscription-based, which gives you a consistent revenue stream each year.

More opportunities for cross and upselling

One could argue that a cloud-based offering gives you even more opportunities for customer interaction than the on-premise model. With a subscription agreement, you have built-in, regular touchpoints with your customers, which gives you the opportunity for cross- and upselling. With each subscription renewal, you can reevaluate your customers’ business situation to see if they need to expand or upgrade their installation. We release software updates three times a year, which means your customers will experience a software that improves over time, giving them an even better return on their investment. And as you continue to provide more support and services each year, you’ll be top-of-mind with your customers. So, when the time comes for them to replace printers and consumables, who will they turn to? None other than their trusted supplier, the Label Cloud Service Provider. For more information on Label Cloud, go to https://www.nicelabel.com/label-cloud

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