The Need For A Collaborative Artwork Management Process

by Dalton Litzelman, on February 2, 2021

Looking back at 2020, we saw many companies finding innovative ways to improve their efficiencies in the workplace. We were all used to the pre-COVID process and found it easy to work with our co-workers. So, when there was a shift and more companies began working remote, one of the biggest questions was “what is the best way to collaborate?


It’s likely that this workplace shift impacted your business negatively at some point down the line. Sometimes you could chalk up the issues to software problems; Skype couldn’t hold a call, Zoom wasn’t working properly, etc… But other times, your business could have fallen victim of inefficient practices. Especially when it comes to packaging artwork, the need for communication, reviews and approvals, transparency, and accountability cannot be overlooked. We all know that getting packaging artwork approved isn’t a quick or low-effort process. With poor collaboration, a reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets, the artwork approval process becomes a real nightmare.

WP - Artwork-Management - Collaboration is KeyIn our recent report: Artwork Management: Collaboration is Key, we explore the effects of poor collaboration and how you can improve your current artwork management processes. Benefits outlined in the report are reduced pack design errors, increased speed to market, and how to avoid manual processes. The report touches upon introducing an automated artwork management solution and how it can rid your company of all it’s packaging artwork problems.

At the very least, 2020 has put many business practices into perspective. Your company may not have thought it needed to work remotely heading into the year, but things change. The companies that embraced the change, found ways to enhance their business processes and enabled collaboration resulted in continued business growth. You may think your current artwork management solution is getting your company by, but why not discover the possibilities of an automated artwork management solution by downloading the report today?

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