Put Packaging and Labeling in the Fast Lane

by Sam Ireland, on November 11, 2021

The ever-changing digital economy places increasing pressure on organizations to optimize time to market to gain a competitive edge. So, how can you improve performance by putting labeling and packaging in the fast lane? 

Getting to market quickly and on time is a core mission for many companies, with organizational speed being a topic that’s increasingly discussed at the board level. No longer are savvy business leaders ignoring the role of packaging and labeling. Many now see these two areas as the cornerstones of a business’ ability to turn new ideas, products, updates, and innovations into revenue that quickly impacts the bottom line.  

Our latest report Spotlight: Put Labeling and Packaging in the Fast Lane shines a light on three key topics that illustrate how transforming labeling and artwork can make a direct impact on time to market: 

#1 Retail Labeling Best-Practice – What Can You Learn? 

Firstly, the report looks at how the retail industry is adapting to changes in consumer demand and why a need for customers to ‘have it their way’ means that a modern, agile, and easy to use labeling system is essential to facilitate an effective sales and returns process in an omnichannel world.  

#2 Turbocharging Packaging Development – A Loftware Customer’s View 

Secondly, the report focuses on packaging in the food and beverage industry. It reveals how Lakeview Farms has modernized its Artwork Management processes to improve packaging development and turbocharge its entire packaging approval process, meaning it can get more products to market quicker than ever before. 

#3 Unlocking Rapid Label Change By Automatic Labeling 

Thirdly, this edition of ‘Spotlight’ explores how automating labeling,  speeds up label changes and supports organizations in maintaining production. When every second counts, having disconnected and manual processes for label changes can add significant downtime and result in a severe lack of efficiency. The report outlines four key ways in which your labeling processes could be holding you back. Take a look and see if any of these ring true for your organization.   

So, if you’re working within an organization that’s challenged to improve speed, look no further than our latest report! You'll gain the insight, knowledge, and inspiration needed to deliver significant time to market benefits by optimizing your packaging and labeling. 

You can download the report here.

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