Loftware Reports on this Year's Sapphire NOW Event

by Ken Allen, on May 26, 2016

IMG_0077.jpgLoftware just wrapped up this year’s Sapphire NOW, the annual conference and largest global supply chain event, hosted by SAP and their Americas User Group, ASUG. Loftware connected with the SAP ecosystem every day to talk about Enterprise Labeling, our differentiation and the value of optimizing our customer’s and prospect’s supply chain. This event was huge. Hosted in the Orange County Convention Center,  companies across all verticals and sizes from small and medium to Fortune 1,000 attended the event.

I’ve been attending Sapphire for more than 20 years. This Sapphire had a very positive vibe from the attendees, much like in the explosive growth days of SAP in the mid to late 1990’s. SAP has demonstrated its ability to innovate their solutions with the successful launch and implementation of HANA, which further distances themselves from their completion and builds a strong base of customers that we must capitalize on with our Enterprise Labeling Solutions.

Loftware’s participation was a solid success. We had more than double the number of conversations than last year, demonstrating the increased momentum in interest for enterprise labeling in SAP environments. Traffic to our booth was solid over the three days, even during keynote presentations and lunch.

There are multiple objectives in attending Sapphire, our primary market for large enterprise Opportunities. One is to demonstrate our commitment to SAP and our SAP customers. This gives our customers the confidence that they have partnered with the right labeling solution provider who is in it for the long haul. Another objective is to educate prospects about the benefits of an Enterprise Labeling Solution. Many potential prospects told us about the labeling challenges they had that could easily be solved with Enterprise Labeling. Lastly, we engaged with existing customers to further our relationship and to enhance their knowledge of Loftware solutions while address specific questions.

For more information on integrating your labeling with SAP applications check out this on demand webinar.

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