Better Supplier Labeling: Part 11 [Video]

Welcome back to the Loftware blog, where we're discussing the impact of standardized labeling software in manufacturing.

Improving supplier labeling is a great way for a manufacturer to ensure information is logged in a consistent way. This helps establish a single source of data truth.

A manufacturer's ERP system is a repository of all its most valuable information. When a company expands its labeling system to partners, it can ensure that those companies format data in a way that matches the ERP.

Consistency in data formatting means less time spent on data entry and a reduced chance of miscommunication. The efficiency gained from these improvements can add up considerably over time.

Thanks for joining us. We'll be back soon with more barcode labeling insights.

Craig Hodgson

Posted By Craig Hodgson

Craig Hodgson is the Industry Manager at Loftware, where he manages all industry-specific engagements, relationships, and partnerships. His knowledge of the Enterprise Labeling Industry is vast and spans a wide range of industries including Medical Device, Food & Beverage, Chemical and Automotive.

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