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July 15, 2021


Out with the old, in with the new. Over 300 IT directors across the globe report an increasing move toward system modernization

Lee Patty

Across the world, manufacturers of all types and sizes are accelerating the journey to digital processes and systems. A recent study of 300 IT directors in manufacturing across the US, UK, France, and Germany, commissioned by NiceLabel & Loftware and carried out by an independent research house, confirmed that manufacturers are increasingly digitizing their IT systems and processes.

What’s driving modernization?
Nearly one third (32%) of the survey respondents consider enhancing brand reputation to be a main benefit of modernizing/automating their manufacturing process, including labeling with technology. Additionally, 30% see improving relationships with supply chain partners to also be a primary benefit.

The Cloud makes a way
While many recognize the benefits of digital transformation, almost half of our respondents are early in their digital transformation journey or haven’t started at all. For these companies, taking on such an effort may be daunting, even for a labeling system. This is where the cloud comes in. The cloud delivers the full capabilities of a label management solution without the complex deployment and infrastructure cost. Now companies of all sizes can streamline and scale labeling regardless of where they are.

Whether the labels are needed at the warehouse, factory or at another facility, users can rest assured that they have been put through quality assurance procedures and can only be accessed by people who have the relevant permissions. A centralized, modern labeling solution will enhance a manufacturing organization’s quality and agility, reduce costs, and promote better supply chain flexibility across the organization.

If you are in that half of companies hesitating to take on a modernization effort, it may be easier and more accessible than you think. You could be up and running with a full-blown label management system in minutes with NiceLabel’s Label Cloud.

Legacy system modernization was just one of the topics we explored with our survey respondents. Find out what else they had to say in our survey research e-book.

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