Ensure Control and Compliance

Loftware Smartflow maintains a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) focused on consistently meeting customer requirements. Smartflow’s QMS covers everything from support and development to staff and improves processes, maintains standards and provides organization-wide direction. Also, Loftware’s hosting environment complies with all leading industry standards.

Additionally, Loftware Smartfow offers robust and reliable validation services that can be implemented quickly and efficiently - critical for validated environments such as pharmaceuticals, medical device and food and beverage. Smartflow helps you meet all regulatory requirements and enables label compliance through full version control, audit and traceability reports.

Smartflow is fully automated and will track all of your workflows to keep a permanent record of all approval points, status, dates and users associated with the critical path. It even provides a time and date stamp and offers role-based access for extra security. You can view where and when any of your content has been accessed from digital asset management and the phrase library and it offers eSignature capabilities which is essential for validated environments and required for meeting FDA 21 CFR 11 compliance.

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Digitally Transform Your Artwork Management Process

As packaging artwork becomes more important to the product lifecycle, it is more important than ever to manage the process effectively. Delays in delivering accurate and approved packaging artwork have a huge impact on your time to market. A highly configurable and collaborative Artwork Management Solution will help boost your competitive position.

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