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Products overview


Online Proofing and Collaboration

Streamline review and approval of artwork and packaging copy. Smartflow enables proofing and collaboration of graphical images used in the production of packaging and website artwork.

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Features & Benefits


Annotate directly

Loftware Smartflow’s DaVinci online proofing software allows you to access and annotate directly on a file without downloading it to your PC.


No plug-ins

With DaVinci, you can view high resolution artwork files from within your browser without the need for additional plug-ins. 


Invite stakeholders

DaVinci proofing feature empowers you to invite any external parties to view, annotate and approve artwork files. 


Text comparison

Compare output to source documents to identify differences in content, formatting and fonts from original text to pack copy. 


Preview barcodes

Text Compare also includes the capability to preview barcodes to evaluate if they meet predetermined design guidelines.


Audit trail

Downloadable reports provide audit trail of changes and comments with time-stamped copy of marked-up image and a list of differences and defects.

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