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Products overview


Robust Business Intelligence

Smartflow makes it easy to track, report and measure complex artwork processes providing visibility throughout your entire end-to-end product lifecycle and helps to identify any bottlenecks, issues and process inefficiencies.


Features & Benefits


Powerful analytics

Offering the ability to identify and understand trends and track key metrics across large numbers of projects and data generated in Smartflow.


Pre-defined dashboards

View analysis of key data elements via pre-defined dashboard reports that you can filter and export. Also offering the opportunity for views for role based access.


Customized dashboards

Drill down into data for further insight using dashboards with easy filtering and data selection tools.


Valuable metrics

Gain insight on the number of cycles for approved artwork, rejection reasons and active/completed/scheduled tasks by role or department. 


Interactive reporting

Presenting data in graphs or tables, so you can analyze for quick analysis and trend spotting. Also quickly perform analytics on projects and tasks and drill down for deeper insights. 


Easy exporting

Seamlessly save and export reports in multiple different formats and schedule reports for distribution through email.

Find out how Smartflow can streamline your packaging lifecycle process