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Products overview


Complete Integrated Asset Management

Loftware Smartflow’s Digital Asset Library (DAL) allows you to store everything in one place. You can have total control; store all your assets in one place and eliminate any confusing replication.


Features & Benefits


Centralized content management

Providing unlimited and configurable metadata for each project and anything that gets approved is automatically added to the DAL.


Version control

Effectively manage artwork versions - assets can be associated to projects to automatically ensure the correct version is always used.


Search and reporting

Extensive search and reporting capabilities, so you can determine where specific logos and artworks are being used. 


Repurpose assets

Repurpose and rescale image assets, changing the size or format of any designated file to reduce rework.


Security and access control

Enable partners - graphics agencies, printers, customers and any other external users to access approved content without accessing workflow processes. 


Audit history

Ensure control and visibility with a complete audit history that lets you identify and track uploads, downloads and approvals.

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