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Products overview

IKEA Print application

Printer Drivers


IKEA is a global company expanding rapidly. Demands of availability, lowering prices and health and safety also requires more efficient logistics, more secure and accurate data and more control over the quality in the whole Supply Chain.

IKEA hereby offers to its suppliers the access to a special unified tool called Print application which will enable print of dynamic labels with a GS1 DataMatrix. The GS1 DataMatrix will be encoded with different application identifiers as needed.

Installation and usage

IKEA Print application is the application that provides the GS1 DataMatrix to IKEA suppliers. IKEA Print application runs as the front-end application to NiceLabel Cloud software.

To use IKEA Print Application in Cloud you need two things:

  1. Internet connection to access Cloud solution
    1. https://IKEA.onnicelabel.com (Datacentre in Europe recommended for suppliers located in Europe) or

    2. https://IKEA-AP.onnicelabel.com (Datacentre in APAC recommended for suppliers located in Asia-Pacific)

  2. Installed NiceLabel Web Client

Note: For installation of NiceLabel Web Client please follow the steps explained in Supplier user manual section NiceLabel Web Client installation
Note: For login use the account information provided by IKEA.

Before you can print labels, you must install the driver for your printer driver. If you use thermal label printer, install NiceLabel drivers for your printer. You can download the latest version of the NiceLabel drivers here. If you use laser, inkjet or similar printers then the drivers are provided with the printer.

IKEA Print application will let you choose any printer for label printing from the list of installed drivers.

For more details on how to install, set up and use the IKEA Print application see videos below or check Supplier user guide.

Login and start

Print labels

Search and print

Search errors

Prefix, suffix and date stamp

Printlog and reprint

Section Printing

Data Matrix Format

Color Dot options

CPN selection

IPA - Unlimited printing

Merged Labels – Create New Mapping

Merged Labels – Add New Graphics

Merged Labels – Borders and Date Stamp

Merged Labels – Date Stamp Options

Merged Labels – Replacing LCI Graphics

Merged Labels – Removing LCI Graphics

Merged Labels – Delete Mapping


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