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Is Labeling Hurting Your Profitability?


As someone in charge of manufacturing, you have to make sure everything is firing on all cylinders at peak efficiency. Any hiccups, no matter how small, can quickly add up to slower throughput and lost profits. 

Labeling matters to you because:

  • Mislabeling of any kind leads to delays across manufacturing
  • Manual or point-product labeling slows automation efforts in production
  • Changing partner and customer label requirements hold up downstream process
  • Non-compliant labels result in returned product and reduced margins
  • Relabeling of supplier goods prevents quick reaction to production changes
  • Disjointed packaging/shipping process impedes order fulfillment


How Enterprise Labeling Helps

  • Ensure label accuracy, consistency by integrating with ERP, MES and other sources of truth
  • Keep pace by automating labeling directly from existing applications and processes
  • Empower business users to make label changes quickly without waiting for IT
  • Review and approve labels organization-wide to ensure compliance, avoid errors
  • Extend label templates to suppliers to eliminate relabeling, expedite materials to production
  • Automate “pick-pack-ship” process to consolidate printing and streamline order fulfillment
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FUJIFILM Electronic Materials was able to provide better responsiveness to customer labeling changes using Loftware.

FUJIFILM, Chuck Guilmette, Manufacturing Manager

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 69A-8AF-3DD