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Products overview

Loftware Cloud Enteprise

Get advanced insight into your labeling activities

Loftware Cloud Enterprise’s Business Intelligence (BI), with its dashboards, pre-defined and custom reports, brings a new level of insight into Enterprise Labeling processes. You get all the information you need to understand and improve your labeling processes, across your organization.


Make better decisions with timely reporting and analytics


Real-time access to analytics

Loftware Cloud’s BI includes advanced, interactive analytics with the ability to drill down for more details regarding your labeling process. You can configure the pre-defined reports, so you see only the information relevant for you.


Improve printer management

Use analytics to identify which printers were used the most and which were underutilized. You can also monitor label output across facilities to identify anomalies in label production that need to be addressed.


Manage labeling in a validated environment

With Loftware Cloud Enterprise, your administrators get real-time access to a detailed and complete view of all user activity (labels that were printed, content on a label that was changed, device configurations that were updated, etc.). 

How many labels did you print? Which label templates did you use? Who printed the labels?

It’s easy to answer these questions and fully understand what and how you print. Loftware Cloud Analytics offers real time, advanced reporting to help you understand and improve your label printing process. It provides comprehensive reports on users, labels, printers, applications and materials used across your entire labeling environment.


Create custom reports to suit your business needs

In addition to predefined reports, simple filters allow you to easily create your own reports to gain better insight into labeling, uncover valuable information and further optimize the entire label production process across your organization.


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