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Products overview

Loftware Cloud Enterprise

Empower users to create custom applications

When business users own the label design process, they can easily support last minute changes to labeling requirements without requiring IT support. With Loftware Cloud Enterprise, you can let business users design print applications they need, enabling you to reduce time and ensure accuracy in the labeling process. 


Customize printing forms for accuracy and efficiency


No training or coding experience required

Users can initiate on-demand printing via a simple scan, touch or minimal data entry and preview the results to ensure accuracy and speed of printing.


Streamline processes

Custom printing forms allow end users to make the necessary decisions to print exactly what they want, when they want it, without deviating from a standard process or workflow.


Simplify printing for print operators

Build a printing solution that uses images and icons to replace text or use buttons and touchscreen to remove the need for keyboard skills. 


Minimize manual data entry

Instead of requiring print operators to manually change label content, connect your printing application to a database and simplify data entry and selection.


Maintain label integrity

When operators use printing forms, they don't have access to the label template, so they can't accidentally or intentionally modify the label layout or important label content.


Use on any screen resolution

Resizable buttons and other controls enable you to create a responsive form that adapts automatically to any screen resolution or size.

Build applications without coding

Our application builder removes the need for programmers to develop their own custom printing front-end or integration applications, which are difficult and costly to maintain. Using our builder, you can rapidly create a printing application via a “drag and drop” interface. Designing an application is as easy as designing a label. 


See everything you need to print in one form

With Loftware Cloud Enterprise's “all-on-one” printing form, the user always knows what data changes are required before printing. All data-entry fields are clearly listed together so the user doesn't need to switch between dialogue boxes to know exactly what data needs to be entered. If the label changes, the data-entry fields adapt automatically.


Extend standardized labeling to suppliers, contract manufacturers or 3PLs

Collaborate with your suppliers to eliminate the need for goods-in relabeling. Give contract manufacturers and 3PLs access to labeling, while you maintain control centrally. Business partners can have access to a manual web printing solution or they can integrate the web printing form with their ERP system. They can deploy a standardized printing process and ensure consistent labels regardless of printer. The result is a faster time-to-market because goods can be received more quickly.


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