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Products overview

Loftware Cloud Enterprise

Manage content that complements your integrated label data

Loftware Cloud Enterprise enables you to manage data and images used for labeling that may currently reside in external spreadsheets or custom-built databases.


All your label data at your fingertips


Eliminate data silos with centralized content

Store content that currently resides outside your enterprise applications, including approved label data, images and translations.


Create a central content repository and optimize printing

Users can access, store and search for content that is optimized for printing alongside real-time data from integrated business applications.


Comprehensive auditing

You can store PDFs or images of printed labels that can be used as a digital record you can use for audit purposes.

Streamline content management

Use Loftware Cloud Enterprise to store and manage all of your data and images used for labeling in one place. Store a wide range of content typically stored in external spreadsheets or custom-built databases, including phrases, translations, artwork and standard text/copy.  You can also store PDFs or images of printed labels that can serve as a digital twin of printed labels, ideal for traceability, audits or first article inspection purposes.

Collaboration is a key to success

Right content at the right time

Loftware Cloud Enterprise is designed to optimize your printing for labels that include real-time data from integrated applications alongside data and images you store within its content management repository. You can route your content through workflows, manage versions/changes, or store them with configurable metadata. You can guarantee that you have the latest content and can easily reference it based on parameters that you define. The content management repository lets you know the latest status of each item; whether it’s approved, by whom and when, as well as where it’s used.


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