Fast and Efficient Label Design

When business users own the label design process, they can easily support last minute changes to labeling requirements without requiring service from IT and with Spectrum you can extend design capabilities to anyone. This enables you to reduce time and cost in the labeling process. Spectrum also has a configurable workflow built in to automate and streamline existing processes which can be configured right in Spectrum for easy task management.

Spectrum offers a secure browser with UI control from creation to workflow, versioning and approval. Also, with Spectrum’s What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) environment, the label you design and the one you preview are always the same. For additional control over your labeling process, Spectrum enables you to design labels with live data so you can actually see what your label looks like. Also, you can dynamically size and fit content, which is critical when you’re dealing with multiple languages which need to be sized and approved.

Spectrum’s dynamic data driven labeling enables you to create labels and manage mass label changes by allowing you to access static, symbologies, and language to meet extensive levels of variability and you can create a single template that can drive any printer make and model. For additional control and consistency, Spectrum enables different groups or departments within an organization to own and control a portion of the real estate, by using a layer, on a label, allowing relevant stakeholders to review and approve labels. Additionally, multi-label layouts offer Spectrum customers flexibility when printing by allowing labels with different content and sizes to be put together in a single layout that can be printed all at once.

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Spectrum Webinar

When it comes to Enterprise Labeling, leading organizations are turning to Loftware Spectrum to meet the complex demands of their global supply chain. A powerful, scalable 100% browser-based platform, Spectrum offers revolutionary capabilities to meet the needs of all stakeholders in the labeling process.

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