Why Labeling is Everyone's Business

CEO-personas-buttonsYou may not always think about it, but labeling plays a key role in your organization’s success. And its impact on your job may be even greater than you realize.

In today’s global, highly competitive landscape, companies are standardizing on enterprise-class technologies to simplify and automate processes while improving collaboration among their many teams. This applies to labeling, too. What was once a manual, siloed practice needs to be strategic, integrated and shared—across sites, departments and users—just like other systems you rely on every day.

By putting a renewed focus on labeling and expanding its use and visibility, you not only meet challenges, but create new opportunities to go to market faster, drive down costs, win new customers, outshine competitors...i.e., make you more successful.

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By integrating with existing business applications, PPG Industries has saved over $1M annually in labor and maintenance costs

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 6DC-BB1-D6A

PPG Industries
Shan Shao, IT Manager