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75,000 Global Users. For over ten years, Loftware has delivered enterprise solutions to more than 75,000 global users via a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Loftware’s cloud-based solutions and expertise help customers transform their digital supply chain processes and optimize packaging artwork throughout the product lifecycle.

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Cloud label software

Outstanding Service and Scalability

Leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Loftware’s worldwide cloud operations, services and support teams provide expert server and application management for customers deploying Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management Solutions in the cloud. Loftware removes the cost and time demands IT departments experience when deploying on-premise software. Loftware’s cloud operations team manages all system maintenance including new release updates while continually monitoring performance and uptime.

Designed to scale to hundreds of locations, thousands of printers and limitless users, Loftware cloud solutions support rapid business growth, without requiring customers to purchase new equipment or install and maintain additional software. With global operations and support, Loftware seamlessly manages worldwide deployments and optimizes the user experience and print performance for thousands of the most successful organizations.

Loftware Spectrum Cloud

Loftware Spectrum Cloud brings the power of Spectrum to the cloud. Redefining how enterprises create, manage and print labels, Spectrum Cloud enables organizations to seamlessly implement, manage and scale their labeling operations across their global supply chain without the need to deploy and maintain hardware and software environments. As businesses of all sizes, industries and geographies continue to adopt cloud-based label management systems for enterprise applications, Loftware Spectrum Cloud improves labeling consistency and compliance, integrates with enterprise solutions and automates labeling processes while reducing costs and shortening time-to-market.

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Spectrum Cloud

Integrated Asset Management

Loftware Smartflow

Loftware Smartflow is a cloud-based Artwork Management Solution that automates the packaging artwork creation and management to significantly lower costs, reduce mistakes, improve collaboration and speed time-to-market. Loftware Smartflow transforms project management, streamlining the packaging to shelf process by bringing accountability and structure to the process. Loftware’s comprehensive digital platform enables global organizations to manage packaging artwork and the end-to-end business processes, mitigating risk, improving control, compliance, traceability and reducing complexity.

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