Empower Users to Create Custom Applications

When business users own the label design process, they can easily support last minute changes to labeling requirements without requiring service from IT and with Spectrum you can extend design capabilities to anyone. This enables you to reduce time and cost in the labeling process. Spectrum also has configurable workflows built in to automate and streamline existing processes which can be configured right in Spectrum for easy task management.

In many cases, Spectrum’s Application Architect replaces manual, paper-based processes by automating your labeling processes and thus reducing the risk of mislabeling while creating time savings opportunities and ensuring consistency. Spectrum enables you to design applications with drag and drop ease to make the development and maintenance of applications (often used for on demand printing) dramatically faster and easier. Application Architect’s flexible nature enables applications to be designed to meet the unique needs of each customer without requiring custom development. This means that you don’t need to worry about applications “breaking” after upgrading to new versions of Spectrum.

Spectrum’s Application Architect also can drive decisions based on input from users and providing a “wizard-type user interface that leverages Spectrum’s business rules and guides users down the appropriate path to remove any guesswork and reduce the occurrence of labeling errors. Applications are designed to look-up and display data needed for processing that resides within the Spectrum database or an external application/repository like SAP or Oracle. Also, forms and applications can be branded for the customer, or for a customer’s vendor or partner.

Additionally, applications created in Application Architect can be used for on demand print requests enabling users to scan, enter or lookup data that are needed to drive the label creation process. Paired with Spectrum’s role based security, administrators can ensure that only the right individuals have access to the correct set of labels or devices and are able to submit on demand print requests, from any location.

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Spectrum Webinar

When it comes to Enterprise Labeling, leading organizations are turning to Loftware Spectrum to meet the complex demands of their global supply chain. A powerful, scalable 100% browser-based platform, Spectrum offers revolutionary capabilities to meet the needs of all stakeholders in the labeling process.

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