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As part of the Loftware Spectrum family of Enterprise Labeling Solutions, Loftware Spectrum Cloud redefines how enterprises create, manage and print labels and enables organizations to seamlessly implement, deploy, maintain and scale their labeling operations across their entire global network. Configured for your specific needs, Spectrum offers unrivaled performance that ensures accuracy and consistency, while maximizing flexibility and delivering unmatched expertise, service and support.

Improve Labeling Operations and Reduce Costs in the Cloud

As more of your enterprise applications move to the cloud, Loftware Spectrum Cloud allows you to reap the benefits of a cloud-based deployment with your labeling operations. With Spectrum Cloud, you can improve efficiency and reduce infrastructure costs while improving the scalability and availability of your labeling solution. Leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Loftware’s worldwide cloud operations, services and support teams provide expert server and application management for customers deploying Spectrum in the cloud. Loftware manages all system maintenance, including new release updates, while continually monitoring performance and uptime. Spectrum Cloud removes the need to purchase, deploy and maintain hardware and software environments required for traditional on-premise deployments, reducing costs and IT demands.

Designed to scale to hundreds of locations, thousands of printers and unlimited users, Loftware Spectrum Cloud supports rapid business growth throughout your organization. With global operations and support, Loftware seamlessly manages worldwide deployments, optimizing the user experience and print performance for thousands of the most successful organizations. Hosted on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform, Spectrum Cloud offers increased security capabilities to protect your data and operations and datacenters distributed worldwide to guarantee optimal performance. With built-in high availability, Spectrum Cloud supports continuous operations throughout global organizations.

Fast and Efficient Label Design

Spectrum Cloud offers new levels of collaboration and unprecedented control and consistency over label design. You can empower business users with the flexibility to easily create and update labels with easy-to-use, browser-based WYSIWYG design capabilities. This allows you to free up scarce and costly IT resources.

Automate Configurable Workflow to Streamline Labeling

Automate and streamline processes throughout your organization, enabling stakeholders to access and manage labeling smarter, faster and more efficiently. Spectrum Cloud’s configurable workflow framework and eSignature capabilities offer new levels of visibility and control for managing labels. You can define and manage approvals and workflow processes to eliminate bottlenecks, improve time-to-market and ensure compliance.

Certified Integration to Leading Enterprise Applications

Leverage existing business processes and vital data sources to drive labeling using Spectrum Cloud’s powerful integration capabilities. You can connect with any of your existing business applications, deployed in the cloud or on-premise, to automate and streamline labeling processes. This includes pre-built certified SAP and Oracle integrations, as well as flexible web services to communicate with any data source and/or application.

Dynamic, Data-Driven Labeling to Meet Evolving Demands

Streamline efforts to manage limitless label variations by dynamically changing labels to meet evolving customer and regulatory requirements. Configurable business logic removes the need to hardcode labels and eliminates costs associated with creating and updating labels to deal with changing label requirements.

Streamlined Content Management for Improved Efficiencies

Spectrum Cloud simplifies the label design and approval processes by providing access to robust content and digital asset management functionality. Spectrum Cloud creates time and cost efficiencies while increasing label consistency by letting you build a library of pre-approved content available for use across a global enterprise.

Empower Users to Create Custom Applications

Create browser-based applications within Spectrum Cloud to manage both labeling and non-labeling related business processes. Rather than create offline or custom applications, Spectrum Cloud enables you to design applications with drag-and-drop ease to make the development and maintenance of applications (often used for on-demand printing) dramatically faster and easier. Applications can drive decisions based on input from users and provide a “wizard” to guide users down the appropriate path, removing guesswork and reducing the occurrence of mislabeling.

Printing with Unrivaled Performance

Print labels in high volumes quickly and efficiently, independent of printer make and model with Spectrum Cloud.  Spectrum’s native drivers enable you to print to vast amounts of labels faster than ever before, including when printing from the cloud. Print to all leading printer models while maximizing print speed, optimizing network traffic and leveraging built-in printer capabilities. With Spectrum, there is no need to install and manage countless Windows drivers across your printer landscape.

Advanced Insight into Labeling Activities

Gain unparalleled insight with configurable dashboards and both ad-hoc and predefined reports available in Spectrum Cloud’s Business Intelligence, which offers immediate access to your data from your labeling processes and activities in a convenient, interactive and configurable format. Empower administrators with pre-defined reports presenting real-time data on the status and health of labeling activities across your global enterprise.

Manage Security and Access Across Global Deployments

Ensure you have control over who has the appropriate access including partners, vendors and suppliers that are part of your labeling processes. Spectrum Cloud’s role-based access capabilities allow your administrators to easily manage user roles and access labeling capabilities and content. Additionally, audit and session management capabilities enable visibility to user access and system changes to facilitate compliance in validated environments. Deploying Spectrum Cloud incorporates additional security and access controls established as part of the secure environment Loftware operates in AWS. Stored in replicated zones in AWS’s Relational Database Service, your data is secure, scalable and highly available. In addition, replicated servers in separate availability zones provide 99.95% uptime for your labeling operations.

Enterprise-Class Architecture for Today’s Enterprise

With flexibility power of a cloud-based design, Spectrum Cloud can meet the needs of any organization and scales easily as the business grows. By centralizing control over global labeling, Spectrum Cloud empowers global locations, as well as external suppliers, vendors and partners to access and use standard and approved labels and data.

Flexible Deployment Options

Transform your digital supply chain with Loftware Spectrum Cloud. Spectrum offers multiple configuration options to meet your unique business and budgetary needs. With a Spectrum Cloud deployment, you can quickly scale your labeling operations and improve high availability and fault tolerance at a lower cost than with traditional single datacenter infrastructures or multi-datacenter infrastructures.

Fast and Efficient Label Design

Spectrum-LabelDesign-screenLoftware Spectrum Cloud simplifies your label design process. With powerful drag-and-drop label design capabilities accessible from any seat in the organization, users can create or modify labels quickly, reducing the time to production. Spectrum’s WYSIWYG interface and ability to include live data guarantee that your labels print as they appear on your screen. Role–based access controls provide additional security and control, helping you determine which users have access to which labels—and can even help you define who can view, edit or print down to the granularity of a level in the label.  Spectrum’s workflow management routes and tracks labels from design to approval, with full version tracking.

Spectrum Cloud’s dynamic data-driven labeling enables you to create labels and manage mass label changes by allowing you to access static, symbologies and language to meet extensive levels of variability. With Spectrum Cloud’s universal label templates, you can create a single template that can drive any printer make and model. You can also easily compare and highlight differences between labels with Loftware DaVinci, a powerful capability in label design that streamlines the design and approval process. For additional control and consistency, Spectrum Cloud enables different groups or departments within an organization to own and control a portion of the real estate, by using a layer on a label, allowing relevant stakeholders to review and approve labels. Additionally, multi-label layouts offer Spectrum customers flexibility when printing by allowing labels with different content and sizes to be put together in a single layout that can be printed all at once.


Automate Configurable Workflow to Streamline Labeling

Spectrum-workflow-screenSpectrum Cloud provides a powerful and highly configurable workflow engine to track and manage labels through their lifecycle from initial creation to approval to publishing. Extensive workflow capabilities enable you to build workflow and approval processes that adhere to your business processes. You can create multiple workflows and include users in the process as your business dictates. In addition, workflows can be configured to support an unlimited number of tasks and approvers, while allowing for eSignatures for validated environments.

Spectrum Cloud’s workflow capabilities offer the advantage of replacing outdated and time-consuming manual processes with automated ones. This results in increased efficiency in label creation and approval, while also enabling consistency across processes. Spectrum Cloud allows reviewers and approvers to be notified when they need to take action, enabling them to easily approve or annotate labels with comments. You can see the status of labels as they transition between pre-defined workflow states as workflow metadata is captured for reporting purposes.

Also, implementing compliant processes for labeling is critical in regulated industries. Spectrum Cloud’s workflow capabilities seamlessly enable users to adhere to existing processes and reduce the risk of non-compliance. Auditing at each step of the workflow provides the traceability that you need to track who does what and when. Additionally, eSignature capabilities help enable 21 CFR Part 11 compliance by providing a formal and verifiable approval or rejection of a label.

Certified Integration to Leading Enterprise Applications

Spectrum Cloud is designed to integrate with any type of enterprise application(s) including ERP, WMS, SCM and PLM system while providing pre-built integration with leading players such as SAP, Oracle, JDE, Infor and many others, including custom-built applications. Spectrum Cloud is designed to integrate with your enterprise applications, regardless of their location on-premise or in the cloud, to ensure that your label data is sourced from your sources of truth. By integrating labeling with your business applications, you leverage existing business processes and vital data sources to achieve label accuracy and consistency—while eliminating data duplication.

Loftware's flexible, certified SAP labeling solutions are specifically designed to integrate with SAP, S/4HANA , SAP Business Suite on HANA, and SAP ECC. Spectrum integrates directly to SAP’s output management and provides certified integration via Adobe Interactive Forms, Smart Forms, Remote Function Call (RFC) and RDI. As the only Enterprise Labeling solution on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Spectrum offers seamless integration with Oracle Cloud applications while providing OVI certified integration to Oracle E-Business Suite including Oracle WMS and MSCA.

Spectrum Cloud’s REST and SOAP Web Services allow you to integrate with any application(s) used for your organization’s label data and printing. Using Spectrum’s event-based integration further extends your labeling processes by leveraging Java Message Service (JMS) allowing Spectrum Cloud to both publish and subscribe to events from external applications.

Dynamic, Data-Driven Labeling to Meet Evolving Demands

Spectrum-BusinessLogic-screenSpectrum Cloud enables you to automate your labeling processes and support increasingly complex requirements by using flexible business logic designed to manage variability in labeling. Spectrum’s configurable business rules allow business users to address changes and new requirements without having to build custom logic in the enterprise applications that often provide required label data. With Loftware Spectrum Cloud, you can leverage the data from your systems of record and configure rules that dynamically change label content based on that data. This streamlines label formatting and printing so you can easily manage regional, language, regulatory and customer specific requirements. And, changes and updates can be made by business users in hours or days rather than months so that requirements are met in a timely fashion.

Business rules can execute logic such as gathering data for a label, selecting a device for a label, or determining the information that needs to be printed on a label. You decide what rules and decisions need to be made based on your data and your processes. Sample business rule components are available as a starting point and previously created business rules can be reused, enabling business users to quickly build and adapt business logic as necessary for their labeling applications and processes. Configurable business logic also reduces the number of labels you need to manage since dynamic changes can be made to fewer templates rather than making new templates for every variation of a label.

Spectrum Cloud’s Business Rules Configurator provides a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface that empowers non-technical business users to implement business logic to greatly streamline the process of creating, updating, and reusing Spectrum Cloud’s powerful business rules.

Streamlined Content Management for Improved Efficiencies

Spectrum Cloud’s powerful content management capabilities support your labeling processes and activities, offering you with a consolidated source of label content to complement integrated label data. By providing robust content and digital asset management, Spectrum Cloud allows you to store and manage data and images used for labeling that may currently reside in external spreadsheets or custom-built databases. Spectrum Cloud is designed to optimize your printing for labels that include real-time data from integrated applications alongside data and images you store within its content management repository.

Examples of content that can be stored, accessed and managed in Spectrum Cloud includes images, phrases, translations, artwork, or standard text/copy. You can route your content through workflows, manage versions/changes, or store them with configurable metadata. You can guarantee that you have the latest content and can easily reference it based on parameters that you define. Spectrum Cloud’s content management lets you know whether an item has been formally approved, by whom and when, as well as where it is used. For example, if a company logo needs to be replaced, Spectrum can help you identify which labels use that logo and need to be updated.

Spectrum Cloud’s content management allows you to store PDFs or images of printed labels that can serve as a digital twin of the labels that are printed. These PDFs and images can be used as a digital record you can use for traceability, audits or first article inspection purposes.

Empower Users to Create Custom Applications

Spectrum-Creation-screenApplications created with Spectrum Cloud’s Application Architect replace custom-developed applications, as well as manual, paper-based processes, by automating your labeling and business processes. This reduces the risk of mislabeling while saving time and ensuring consistency. Spectrum Cloud enables you to design applications with drag-and-drop ease to make the development and maintenance of applications (often used for on-demand printing) dramatically faster and easier. Application Architect’s flexible nature enables applications to be designed to meet the unique needs of each customer without requiring custom development. This means that you don’t need to worry about applications “breaking” after upgrading to new versions of Spectrum Cloud.

Application Architect can also drive decisions based on input from users, providing a “wizard-type” user interface that leverages Spectrum Cloud’s business rules. The application guides users down the appropriate path to remove guesswork and reduce the occurrence of labeling errors. Applications can be designed to look-up and display data needed for processing that resides within the Spectrum database or an external application/repository such as SAP or Oracle. Also, you can brand forms and applications to meet internal or customer/partner requirements.

Additionally, applications created in Application Architect can be used for on-demand print requests on a variety of devices, including mobile devices, enabling users to scan, enter or lookup data needed to drive the label creation process. Paired with Spectrum’s role-based security, administrators can ensure that only the right individuals have access to the correct set of labels or devices and are able to submit on-demand print requests, from any location.

Printing with Unrivaled Performance

Spectrum-global-screenLoftware Spectrum Cloud offers unrivaled performance and scale, enabling you to optimize your label printing across your global network of printers and locations. When operating in the cloud, Spectrum empowers many of the world’s largest companies to print millions of labels a day across hundreds of global sites with a single instance of Spectrum Cloud.

Spectrum Cloud’s native printer drivers support thousands of printer makes and models across your diverse global universe of printers, dramatically improving performance when printing via the cloud. These native drivers minimize print streams and reduce network traffic to maximize print speeds. You do not have install or maintain them locally as you do with Windows printer drivers. Additionally, native print drivers improve label printing performance throughout organizations, ensuring highest levels of performance for cloud-based operations and remote locations. By optimizing print performance and reducing maintenance efforts, native drivers help you save substantial time and money.

Spectrum Cloud also gives you visibility into the status of your print devices providing the ability to control them at both the global or local level. Spectrum Cloud’s remote printing capabilities mean you can print over the internet without relying on network connectivity to printers. This allows you to extend printing to remote sites and supply chain partners while maintaining the same level of performance and quality as when printing to networked devices. And, Spectrum Cloud’s sophisticated queue management allows total control over label printing, including the ability to pause, restart, move and delete print jobs. For example, you can pause jobs until you are ready for them to print or move them from a printer that is in an error state to one that is operational.

Additionally, Spectrum Cloud supports color printing with the same efficiency, high performance and quality standards as Spectrum Cloud’s thermal print capabilities. Spectrum Cloud’s color support can eliminate the need to purchase and manage pre-printed stock, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Spectrum Cloud also supports the native printing of PDF documents with the ability to print, manage and store PDF versions of printed labels.

Advanced Insight into Labeling Activities

Loftware Spectrum Cloud brings a new level of insight into Enterprise Labeling, enabling you to be better informed and drive improvements to labeling processes. With configurable dashboards and 25 pre-defined reports, Spectrum Cloud’s Business Intelligence (BI) offers you advanced analytics and real-time reporting on vital information including labels, printers, print jobs, users and audit data. It offers you a wide range of capabilities including the ability to drill down for more details or easily remove/add variables on a report, expand or reduce timeframes on a report.

Spectrum Cloud’s BI lets you identify underutilized printers or longer-than-expected print times allowing you to make the proper adjustments. You can also monitor label output across facilities to identify anomalies in label production to effectively identify and respond to areas of concern.

In addition to Spectrum Cloud’s pre-defined reports, you can create your own custom reports and configure dashboards to suit your needs and make better decisions. Reports and dashboards can include information from external data sources to present a critical view across disparate data sources into a single view. Reports created in Spectrum Cloud BI can be formatted as either single or multi-page reports, which can also be exported in up to 11 different formats including PDF, CSV, RTF, and Excel.

Additionally, you can have real-time visibility to audit data with the flexibility to create custom audit reports, set up audit dashboards and run ad hoc reports. This is essential for validated environments, where administrators require real-time access to a detailed and complete view of all user activity (labels that were printed, content on a label that was changed, device configurations that were updated, etc.). If you need to track user activity (i.e. 21 CFR part 11 requirements) Spectrum Cloud’s audit capabilities can capture and report on all user actions including who made what change and when. You also have the flexibility and control to decide what audit detail level setting you need for your organization.

Manage Security and Access Across Global Deployments

Spectrum-security-screenLoftware Spectrum Cloud brings maximum security and control to all your labeling activities. With Spectrum Cloud, you can provide simple and immediate browser-based access to users while maintaining complete control over their access to capabilities and data. Spectrum Cloud’s role-based access control ensures administrators can easily manage users and groups as business conditions demand. This also enables seamless collaboration for extending labeling activities to suppliers, partners, vendors, and other third parties involved in the labeling processes.

Spectrum Cloud gives you the control to manage users access, so you can determine who can have access to system capabilities such as design, printing, business intelligence and security. At the same time, you can optimize the user experience by configuring who can view, access or edit objects including labels, printers and applications. Additionally, Spectrum Cloud provides global oversight, enabling centralized control and oversight while allowing local administration of users, printers and labels to offer you the best of both worlds.

With Spectrum Cloud you don’t have to worry about yet another username/password to be managed by users or other groups such as security or IT. Spectrum supports single sign-on (SSO), streamlining access to Spectrum via standard, third-party authentication. In addition, Spectrum’s session management capability adds the ability to view and control user sessions for ad hoc or planned system maintenance. This allows you to broadcast important system notices or planned downtime to inform users, so they may plan accordingly.

Deploying Spectrum Cloud allows you to take advantage of a highly available, secure and scalable environment for your labeling operations. Leveraging AWS’ replicated databases and servers across multiple availability zones, Spectrum Cloud delivers 99.95% uptime while reducing your investment in infrastructure and IT resources. Building on AWS’s network of over 60 availability zones in more than 20 regions worldwide, Spectrum Cloud connects to your Internet endpoint, wherever located, to deliver a high performance, low latency connection guaranteeing unrivaled performance. Spectrum Cloud also provides additional advanced security capabilities developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to protect your data, meet compliance requirements and maintain availability at a much lower cost than doing it yourself.

Maintain Continuous Labeling Operations with Multi-Site Capabilities 

Only Loftware Spectrum Cloud offers Multi-Site capabilities, which enable you to standardize labeling across your global operations while reaping the benefits of both centralized and decentralized deployment models. Spectrum’s Multi-Site capabilities ensure continuous operations while providing complete control over how Spectrum is deployed between headquarters and remote locations. These capabilities are essential to maintain continuous uptime and guarantee labeling consistency, as well as enable adherence to customer, regulatory and branding requirements across your global operations. 

Business users at remote facilities including manufacturing plants, contract manufacturer sites, warehouses and distribution centers can manage labeling independently, while accessing standard and approved label data and templates from your company’s central location. If connectivity to headquarters is disrupted, remote facilities failover to a local instance, synchronizing transactional data later when the connection is restored. Multi-Site empowers remote facilities to run without depending on a full-time connection to headquarters while ensuring that they comply and stay current with corporate labeling standards. 

Enterprise-Class Architecture for Today’s Enterprise

Loftware Spectrum Cloud was architected from the ground up as an enterprise-class application to support the growing needs of any organization. Capable of scaling to support the most demanding volume requirements across a global enterprise, Spectrum Cloud delivers high performance label printing with industry-leading reliability. With centralized control over labeling, Spectrum Cloud offers flexibility to be deployed in the cloud and can quickly scale to meet your business needs. Built on AWS’s expanding global network of over 60 availability zones in more than 20 regions, Spectrum Cloud is built to effectively manage and support enterprise-wide labeling operations. 

Spectrum Cloud enables you to securely manage and control user access, supporting labeling across your global facilities or third-parties, such as suppliers and distributors. This facilitates collaboration across your extended supply chain. To support regional operations, Spectrum’s user interface provides support for multiple languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. In addition, Spectrum’s Disaster Recovery capabilities ensure that your labeling will not be interrupted in the event of a catastrophe, while high availability allows your environment to balance the load and optimize performance during peak operational times. 

You can reap the benefits of both centralized and decentralized deployment models with Spectrum Cloud’s Multi-Site capabilities, which offer unprecedented flexibility to standardize labeling across a global supply chain. Multi-Site allows you to deploy Spectrum across multiple geographies as remote facility sites, while maintaining a synchronized relationship to your central site. Users at the remote facilities continue to operate autonomously even if the connection to the central site is broken.

Flexible Deployment Options

Loftware Spectrum Cloud provides the ultimate flexibility for customers choosing a cloud-based deployment. As the market leader in Enterprise Labeling Solutions, Loftware Spectrum Cloud allows you to choose the configuration that meets your business and budgetary needs.

Choosing Loftware Spectrum Cloud as a service removes your need to install and maintain hardware and software environments required for traditional on-premise deployments. This eliminates your on-site management costs while ensuring that labeling services quickly scale to meet global business demands. AWS’ global network extends your worldwide reach, improving label printing performance throughout your organization. As a result, you can implement new labeling processes faster, with less dependence on IT, and more control from business lines.

In addition, a Spectrum Cloud deployment provides high availability and fault tolerance while eliminating the need to purchase and manage additional hardware and supporting infrastructure. With Loftware’s 99.98% uptime guarantee, you know your labeling operations will work when you need it.


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