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March 28, 2024


LogiMAT 2024: three key takeaways to enhance supply chain management

Nigel Street

VP Global Partners

LogiMAT 2024, which took place last week in Stuttgart, Germany, brought together supply chain leaders from all over the globe for three days of presentations, product demonstrations, and networking opportunities. The show provided attendees with the opportunity to learn more about the innovative technologies, systems, and solutions businesses can use to facilitate process optimization, cost-reductions, and improved sustainability across global supply chains.  

Read on to discover my key three takeaways from the event. 

#1 Loftware unveils enhanced cloud labeling platform. We were delighted to unveil Loftware Cloud at LogiMAT 2024, a cloud-based labeling platform that harnesses the power of Loftware’s state-of-the-art technologies. The solution is designed to help businesses of all sizes conquer diverse supply chain complexities, ensure supplier compliance, and improve traceability.  

The powerful and intuitive solution allows organizations to adapt to changing demands across the global supply chain by easily designing, storing, and printing accurate labels within minutes. This level of standardization and automation transforms legacy manual error-prone processes, facilitating high-performance supply chain label printing and enabling scale. Learn more about Loftware Cloud here.  

#2 Consumers demand sustainable products and practices. Companies have needed to “green” their operations, not only in response to regulations but also increased consumer pressure. Fuelled by their desire to safeguard the planet, an increasing number of consumers are driving a shift towards higher ethical standards and greater transparency. 

Cloud technologies help to meet these demands by allowing companies to track their products across the entire manufacturing process. This improved supply chain visibility also ensures that products are made, shipped, and delivered to the correct destination, thereby helping to eliminate errors and reduce the amount of unnecessary waste.Being able to reliably trace products both upstream and downstream is important for managing the product lifecycle and ensuring sustainable sourcing. These intelligent supply chains can track, trace, and authenticate goods at every stage of the journey, from raw materials to consumer goods. Want to create your roadmap for sustainable labeling in the Cloud? Check out our recent whitepaper here. 

#3 AI offers digital disruption. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is advancing at a blindingly fast pace, and its transformative potential will almost certainly extend to every industry in the coming years. According to our 2024 “Top 5 Trends” report, 76% of businesses think AI will be an important part of their business operations and supply chain within the next three years 

The link between AI and the Cloud is a crucial and symbiotic relationship that will play a fundamental role in the development and deployment of AI applications across the supply chain. The combination of AI and the Cloud is a powerful enabler for automating complex tasks across operations, such as real-time monitoring of labeled products, managing inventory, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Working in tandem, these technologies can analyze large datasets and inspect labels at a swift pace to ensure quicker error detection and correction. As increasingly sophisticated algorithms emerge, these advancements promise to deliver numerous benefits, fostering improved accuracy, heightened agility, and accelerated production. Read our annual “Top 5 Trends” report to learn more about the trends shaping today’s supply chain. 

As discussed, automation, traceability, and sustainability were all hot topics during this year’s event – three issues that our partners are also addressing by providing complimentary services and solutions to help their customers achieve their objectives in these areas. Interested in becoming a Loftware Channel Partner? Learn more here 

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