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June 25, 2024


Employee Spotlight: Getting to know Jim Bureau, CEO of Loftware

Alexandria Zakrzewski

Marketing Communications Specialist

At Loftware, we’re proud to spotlight our dedicated and inspiring team members. For this employee spotlight, we are thrilled to feature our CEO, Jim Bureau, whose leadership and vision continue to drive our success at Loftware.  

A passion for empowerment 

When asked about his favorite aspect of being CEO, Jim emphasizes the importance of empowering his team. “I love empowering people to be curious, owning the outcomes, and making a difference,” he says. Jim’s passion for fostering curiosity and ownership among his team is a cornerstone of his leadership philosophy. By encouraging innovation and accountability, he ensures that every team member can make a meaningful impact. 

Discovering Loftware’s global reach 

One unexpected aspect of Loftware that Jim has come to appreciate is its significant impact on the global supply chain. “With 52 billion impressions a year, Loftware has as much significance on the global supply chain as anyone in the world,” he shares. This realization fuels his passion and commitment to our work. 

Planning for success 

Jim starts his day with strategic planning. “I allocate my day or week to working on the business vs. working in the business,” he explains. By focusing on activities that align with our value creation and OKR priorities, he ensures that Loftware stays on the path to success. 

Words of wisdom 

For those new to the field, Jim’s advice is to “Think big, take action, own it, and make a difference in a humble manner.” His guidance reflects the principles that have shaped his career and continue to drive his leadership. 

An adventurous spirit 

Outside the office, Jim is an adventurer at heart. He enjoys wake surfing, snow skiing, jet skiing, hiking, mountain biking, scuba diving, and spending time with his kids and grandkids. “Exploring places that no one has been” is one of his favorite pastimes, highlighting his love for discovery and adventure.  









We’re grateful for Jim’s leadership and the unique perspectives he brings to Loftware. Stay tuned for more employee spotlights as we continue to celebrate the incredible individuals who help our company thrive!  

Are you interested in joining the Loftware team? Check out our company careers page! 

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