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August 3, 2023


Loftware announces enhanced support for Carl Valentin label printers under Spectrum and NiceLabel

Laura Hindley

Senior PR & Communications Manager

We’re delighted to announce enhanced support for the latest models in the Carl Valentin printer range under Loftware Spectrum and Loftware NiceLabel. This will benefit companies that have deployed Carl Valentin label printers for production, packaging, warehouse, and distribution barcode labels. 

The Carl Valentin printers covered under this technology development are the Micra, Pica II, Vita II, Compa II, Vario III, and Spectra II models. Enhancements include new features to support all variants of GS1 label printing, enabling users to stay compliant and react quickly to changing GS1 standards. 

Furthermore, existing customers of Carl Valentin printers can now benefit from Loftware’s cloud-based all-in-one labeling solutions, empowering companies of all sizes to reduce the cost of their labeling, avoid missed opportunities, and drastically reduce the risk of printing errors. 

Commenting, Paul Vogt, Loftware VP Partner Strategies, said: Many companies still rely on antiquated applications and software platforms to support their labeling, coding, and marking processes. The impacts of this legacy approach are greater than many companies realize, often resulting in delays, human errors, and cost implications. 

As a result, businesses require a seamless and reliable software platform to manage all their supply chain printing requirements, from supplier all the way to distribution. Our labeling solutions do just that. With this technology development, users of Spectrum or NiceLabel can include Carl Valentin printers in their integrated supply chain printing processes, while Carl Valentin users can now operate all their printers from one centralized Loftware platform, whatever the brand.” 

Under Loftware, end users can design, manage, and print to all printing, marking, and coding technologies in the supply chain, including label printers, document printers, tag and ticket printers, continuous and thermal inkjet, label print and apply, thermal transfer overprint, and laser marking.   

“Customers need robust and modern label printing solutions,” added Dmitrij Bogomolov, Area Sales Manager at Carl Valentin. “We are pleased to recommend Loftware’s labeling solutions to our customers for driving Carl Valentin printers. Carl Valentin printers are high-performance devices, and Spectrum and NiceLabel bring out the best in them.” 

The support Loftware has added for Carl Valentin printers comes in addition to the 5000+ printer models across 100+ printer brands that we already support. You can download Carl Valentin printer drivers here. 

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