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June 14, 2023


IQPC Clinical Trial Supply Forum 2023: Laying the groundwork for long-term success

Sarah Hrycyk

Global Marketing Programs Manager - Strategic Markets

The Loftware clinical supply labeling team were delighted to attend this year’s IQPC Clinical Trial Supply Forum 2023 in Brussels, Belgium. The event focused on how the clinical supply industry confronts both contemporary demands whilst still laying the groundwork for long-term success.  

The clinical supply industry remains under immense strain, with supply bottlenecks and demand pressures having an impact on the ability to operate effectively. As such, the sector is constantly looking at innovative solutions to reduce waste and cost, streamline processes, and optimize outcomes. This can only be done by collaborating across the supply chain to implement best practices and leverage innovation. 

Read on further to see how Loftware fully immersed itself within the event program, identifying ways that clinical labeling can help the industry meet these challenges.  

Day 1The digital transformation journey 

On day one, we hosted a roundtable - ‘Taking the next step on the digital transformation journey’ - with our partner, Signant Health. The discussion explored a few key areas, including: 

#1 How have businesses integrated their supply chain manufacturing processes and systems as part of a complete, more agile solution? 

#2 How have supply chain models and processes changed with the uptake in decentralized/Direct to Patient (DTP) trials? 

#3 Given an increase in personalized medicine, how can Just In Time (JIT) solutions support supply chains, RTSM (Randomization and Trial Supply Management), and labeling. 

Day 2 – Driving greater collaboration and transparency 

During day two, we also joined the panel for ‘Delivering greater collaboration and transparency in sponsor-vendor relationships to drive future success’. The pandemic demonstrated the extraordinary capacity of vendors and sponsors to find new ways of working. However, given the level of disruption and change, we have seen that it has placed complex dynamics in relationships.  

During the panel session, we discussed how we can continue to improve these relationships going forward and build the transparent supply chains needed to confront future challenges. 

Digging into this topic further, the following four areas were focused on: 

#1 How to move from a reactive to a proactive approach when working with partners across the supply chain. 

#2 What structural changes must sponsors implement to allow them to build more effective relationships with their vendors? 

#3 What does a transparent relationship look like in practice and how do companies move beyond the world of good intentions? 

#4 How can the industry evolve considering the constant changes that we are experiencing and what positive learnings can be embedded to achieve greater success? 

If you would like to discuss these topics further, please feel free to contact our team of experts! 

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