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June 28, 2023


Driving success with Loftware NiceLabel Cloud: Leveraging integrations for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and SAP

Laura Hindley

Senior PR & Communications Manager

We recently announced that Loftware NiceLabel 10.3, the latest addition to the NiceLabel Cloud product line, features enhanced integration capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and SAP. This will allow users to easily design, manage, and print professional labels from leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, enabling businesses to improve accuracy and efficiency across their supply chain printing operations. 

Commenting on the release, Mišo Duplančič, Loftware VP of Product Management, said: “Speed and accuracy are crucial in today’s fast-paced manufacturing environments, especially when it comes to making label changes and shipping products faster. As a result, we've seen an increased demand for standardized, robust, and secure solutions that seamlessly integrate with a wide range of business applications to print labels and other documents from the cloud. 

“We have made integrations a strategic priority at Loftware, ensuring that our customers and partners can effortlessly integrate their solutions while adhering to best practices. By deploying NiceLabel Cloud, companies will gain an unprecedented level of flexibility and power to create, manage, and print mission-critical labels across their supply chains. We're excited to see what they can achieve with this cutting-edge solution, and we look forward to continuing to partner with them on their journey to supply chain excellence.” 

Seamless integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 

This software release aligns with the introduction of a new out-of-the-box connector that has been developed by Microsoft, which facilitates the seamless integration of Loftware NiceLabel and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. This allows users of Loftware NiceLabel to print labels and supply chain documents to the widest range of cloud-connected and on-premise printers through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, including label and document printers, thermal transfer overprint, and laser marking systems. 

Expanded SAP integration capabilities 

Recognizing the diverse needs of SAP customers, Loftware has expanded its SAP integration capabilities to include BC-XOM, a certified Loftware integration that complements the existing APAB package available in NiceLabel Cloud Business, NiceLabel Cloud Compliance, and NiceLabel LMS Enterprise. Both BC-XOM and ABAP solutions ensure that printing labels out of SAP is error-free, secure, and easy to manage by IT and business users. Through this development, SAP customers can now choose the integration method that best suits their needs. They can also leverage Loftware's expertise in Enterprise Labeling and barcode printing. 

Where can I find out more information? 

NiceLabel Cloud is available through a global network of Loftware resellers, while the connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is now part of Microsoft’s platform. For more information about Loftware’s enhanced integration capabilities, contact Loftware. 

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