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September 26, 2023


Countdown to Convergence 2023

Laura Hindley

Senior PR & Communications Manager

Loftware announces agenda for 6th annual labeling and artwork management conference

We’re delighted to announce that Convergence 2023, the sixth edition of our annual labeling and artwork management conference, is set to take place virtually between October 25-26. 

This year's virtual event will offer insightful sessions on thought leadership, industry best practices, and in-depth product demonstrations showcasing our complete range of cloud-based solutions. This two-day conference is entirely free and tailored to all professionals engaged in labeling, packaging, and supply chain management. 

What’s on offer at Convergence 2023? 

We know your biggest challenges and can help you take your labeling processes to the next level. This year’s topics will include: 

  • CEO Keynote: Achieving Value Beyond the Label. Loftware’s new CEO, Jim Bureau, will kick off Convergence 2023 and spotlight a range of industry developments from digital transformation to cloud adoption that are sure to impact your business. You’ll learn how Loftware is empowering customers and partners to address new use cases and evolving requirements to achieve new levels of value ‘beyond the label.’  

  • Optimizing Your Business with Cloud-Based Labeling. Learn how companies have moved to cloud-based solutions to centralize and standardize labeling, minimize the burden of IT, reduce costs, and scale operations globally while providing local flexibility.​ 

  • Product Tours. Our team of experts can help you overcome your manual processes, show you how to streamline approvals, and easily collaborate across stakeholders to meet your time to market goals. Attendees will have access to Loftware Spectrum, Loftware NiceLabel, Loftware Smartflow, and Loftware Prisym 360 product demos. 

  • Learning Beyond Limits: Launch of Loftware’s Online Academy. The launch of the Loftware Academy is an exciting step forward in our mission to help companies of all sizes to digitally transform their supply chains. Loftware Academy provides flexible, interactive, and approachable training that is focused on your needs. Get immediate access to interactive guides, fun challenges, and sandbox environments, so you can learn about label design, system management, quality assurance, and much more. 

  • Five Stages of Enterprise Labeling Success ... How Do You Stack Up? Join us to learn more about the Enterprise Labeling Maturity Model and find out how you can take the assessment. Gain insights into your organization's labeling maturity and determine the next steps to improve your labeling.​ 

What have previous attendees said? 

Attendees at previous Convergence events shared the following feedback: 

“As a new customer, it was very helpful to hear other success stories… It reassured us that we made the right decision going with Loftware. 

“Great to get insight into what else Loftware can do and what’s coming and how that can benefit us.” 

I’ve been impressed; they know the material well. They know the space well.” 

Where can I register? 

Join us for Convergence 2023 to hear about labeling and packaging artwork best practices and discover how you can reimagine your labeling operations to drive digital transformation across your entire enterprise.  

Convergence 2023 is free to attend and is open to the public. You can secure your place here. We look forward to seeing you! 

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