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June 26, 2022


The 2022 Loftware Channel Partner Awards: And the Winners Are…

Mari Waldron

Director of Channel Marketing

We are delighted to celebrate the achievements of our valued Channel Partner Program members by recognizing companies that have gone above and beyond their peers. This year, we have given out awards in four different categories: 

#1 The NEXT Award is for partners who lead with Loftware NiceLabel Cloud and LMS, selling the value of a standardized labeling solution, and who have shown significant growth.  

#2 The INNOVATION Award recognizes partners who have proactively created a new business model, marketing campaign, or sales initiative.  

#3 The CLOUD Award is given to partners who have built a substantial, recurring revenue business with Loftware NiceLabel Cloud.     

#4 The ENTERPRISE Award is presented to partners who have exceeded customer expectations through their project management skills and pre-sales expertise in a series of projects.   

Read on for the full list of this year’s winners. 


NEXT Award Winners 

WWP Wahlen & Sieberth GmbH 

Tutto per L'Imballo SPA 

IBCS Poland 

Codipack NV  

General Data  


Bar Code Data  


INNOVATION Award Winners 



Timcod SAS 

Trebol Group 

Dangot Computers Ltd 

ALTEC industrial identification B.V. 

Barcodes, Inc. 

IPSi - Integrated Productivity Systems 

Southern Retail Systems 


CLOUD Award Winners 

Solid Solutions en Identification SA 

Alfacod S.R.L. 

falu GmbH 

Cquential Warehouse Solutions  

Collamat AG 

GraphicALL Systems B.V. 

Efficient Business Systems 

IPSi - Integrated Productivity Systems 

Cloud Printing Solutions 


ENTERPRISE Award Winners 

Solutys Group  

Drucksysteme Janz & Raschke GmbH 

Gaia Soluzioni  

Label Motion GmbH 

De Koningh Coding & Labeling B.V. 

Miles Data Technologies 

IMS - Identification Multi Solutions 

Heavey Technology 


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