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October 20, 2022


International Conference for Chemicals 2022: three key takeaways

Martin Beisswenger

Senior Account Executive - Life Sciences and Chemicals, EMEA

The International Conference for Chemicals 2022, which took place a few weeks back in Madrid, Spain, brought together business and IT professionals from companies for three days of engaging presentations, live demos, and valuable networking opportunities. The conference explored how SAP solutions can help businesses to drive production automation, sustainable operations, and better collaboration with customers and suppliers. 

In addition to exhibiting at the conference with my Loftware colleagues, I was delighted to deliver a presentation that explained the benefits of integrating SAP business applications with a certified, comprehensive Enterprise Labeling solution. 

Read on for three key takeaways from the conference.  

#1 Legacy processes just won’t cut it anymore. Many customers within the chemicals space tell us they are struggling with legacy labeling processes and systems. Sometimes they use multiple labeling systems across different geographies and/or business units. As a result, they are faced with huge numbers of label templates, inefficient label design, lengthy approval times, and software to create and print labels that wasn’t designed for that purpose. By integrating a cloud-based Enterprise Labeling solution with SAP, you can take a standardized, centralized, and data-driven approach to labeling and automate key elements of the labeling process – be it the data to apply the label, the label template to use based on the printer it needs to be printed on, the country the product is shipping to, the symbology that needs to be applied to specific labels, and much more. 

#2 Supply chain challenges continue to persist. Labor shortages, inflation, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic show no signs of slowing down in the next year(s). As such, chemical companies need any possible advantage to make operations run smoother and more effectively. One of the most critical components in streamlining supply chains and one of the most overlooked is the label! It’s important that companies get on the front foot now to avoid further disruption and start embracing the benefits of a cloud-based Enterprise Labeling solution. Our annual ‘Top Trends in Labeling and Packaging Artwork’ survey polled nearly 1,000 professionals from organizations across all major industries and concluded that 90% believe standardizing and centralizing labeling will help keep pace with business growth, 83% think they will generate significant cost savings by consolidating under a single labeling solution, and 85% believe having an Enterprise Labeling solution helps to eliminate the risk of non-compliance. It’s resoundingly clear; it pays to invest in a cloud-based Enterprise Labeling solution to future-proof operations today. 

#3 Sustainable transformation must happen now. When it comes to meeting environmental, social, and governance goals, for many chemicals companies the question isn't what to do or when but rather how to maneuver on the journey of sustainable transformation. The adoption of technology, such as a cloud-based Enterprise Labeling solution, can enable transparency and visibility for sustainable practices and processes within organizations and business ecosystems. No big servers and IT resources need to be maintained onsite. Responsible consumption and production, with substantial reductions in labeling errors, faults, and relabeling using a central source-of-truth solution, leads to less waste and fewer scrapped supplies. This in turn can positively contribute to your company’s carbon footprint. And the best thing about a cloud-based Enterprise Labeling solution - it frees up your employees to focus on your company’s economic growth. 

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