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August 17, 2022


How the cloud ensures optimal control and compliance over packaging artwork processes

Troy Walker

Global Artwork & Packaging Solutions Executive

Packaging artwork plays an important role in ensuring that companies meet deadlines, increase speed to market, guarantee compliance, and enforce brand consistency. Without a standardized and efficient approach, companies cannot maintain control and compliance over this mission-critical process. 

Businesses struggling with label compliance and control typically encounter the following issues when trying to manage the process manually or with multiple systems: translation management that’s time-consuming and error-prone, inefficient Artwork Management processes, and missed compliance deadlines.  

Here are three ways how, with a unified Artwork Management solution in place, companies of all sizes can gain control over their packaging artwork: 

  1. Reducing costs and time to market. Sometimes overlooked, Artwork Management plays a vital role in ensuring the right physical presentation of a product is delivered on time effectively and efficiently. Digitally transforming Artwork Management and leveraging automation ultimately reduces costs and time to market, giving companies a competitive advantage. 
  2. Avoiding fines and recalls. A configurable automated Artwork Management solution helps companies overcome control and compliance issues by tracking printed artwork and packaging materials, including permanent records of approval points, statuses, dates, and users associated with the critical path. It also prompts companies to conduct post-launch product reviews while driving continuous improvement and proactively anticipating delays and issues.  
  3. Providing visibility and accountability. An automated and centralized Artwork Management system lets users view detailed information about each task they own, helping to speed up time to completion while providing improved visibility. This empowers stakeholders to easily manage and track packaging artwork development and approvals faster in one solution. 

Download our full white paper to explore the key challenges companies face when using manual processes to manage the end-to-end packaging artwork development process and learn how a cloud-based Artwork Management platform can streamline the packaging lifecycle process, making it more efficient while ensuring optimal control and compliance.  

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