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August 9, 2022


How B. Braun reduced label approval time by 20-30% with Loftware NiceLabel

Robbie Irwin

Marketing & Communications Specialist

B Braun, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality medical care product solutions, wanted to create a standardized labeling process that would make it easier to optimize processes and take advantage of digitalization opportunities. As part of a company-wide standardization project, B. Braun implemented Loftware NiceLabel as its standard labeling solution and integrated labeling with SAP ECC ERP, Pega workflow control, and QualiVision label inspection systems.

This effort created a harmonized labeling approach for the company’s 64 manufacturing plants, each of which had previously used its own labeling approach. The result was a drastic improvement in label approval time of 20-30%. 

Read on for three challenges that B. Braun was able to overcome using Loftware NiceLabel. 

  1. Eliminating Manual Processes

One major goal for B. Braun was to eliminate manual processes that were involved with its labeling. Prior to digitalization, employees would copy and paste information into templates, pulling from various databases, and often needed to manually create template variants. After digitalization, however, the process became completely automated. This equates to a reduced risk of error and a guarantee that all information will be accurate and up to date. 

  1. Automating label variant creation and approval

Housing variable data such as batch and serial number, manufacturing date, and best before date in SAP allows B. Braun to create label variants that can be frozen and protected from changes once placed into production. If label data changes after the variant is created, employees can simply run a new data pull and create a new variant. By automating label variant creation and approval, B. Braun has established a standardized process centralized onto one system, fulfilling all regulatory requirements. 

  1. Supporting a Flexible Printing Process

For a company like B. Braun, with a highly varied production and product portfolio, developing a harmonized label printing process is complex. But Loftware NiceLabel is integrated with all B. Braun’s production systems and can support manual printing, on-demand printing, and printing from the camera inspection system.  


Moving to Loftware NiceLabel gave B. Braun a flexible labeling system it can use to create labels, store label templates and variants, and support its processes. To find out more about how Loftware NiceLabel helps B. Braun stay competitive, and how it can benefit your organization as well, check out the full case study.   

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