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October 18, 2022


Don’t let security concerns keep you from the benefits of the cloud

Robbie Irwin

Marketing & Communications Specialist

The cloud is getting pretty popular these days. According to industry analyst Gartner, 60% of all corporate data currently sits in the cloud, while public cloud deployments are set to outnumber private data center workloads by the end of 2022. And while security concerns can make companies hesitant to consider giving up local control of important processes or systems, even the most risk-averse are beginning to consider cloud-first strategies. These organizations are motivated to free up company resources previously spent on servers, equipment, and IT support. By dedicating these resources elsewhere, companies of all sizes are finding they can lower total ownership costs and improve process efficiency. 

A secure home for data and processes 

Those who cite security concerns as the primary barrier to cloud adoption may not realize the cloud is often more secure than most onsite data centers. This is because cloud providers invest so heavily in physical and virtual security; their business being totally dependant on their ability to safely provision cloud services. Providers offer sophisticated encryption and authentication systems that typically far exceed what in-house operations can afford, not to mention the added benefit of employing dedicated teams of security professionals who can focus on maintaining smooth operations. 

So, the issue is not the cloud itself, but rather how to identify a trustworthy partner that can safely manage company resources and deliver positive outcomes. For the best results, a team must understand best practices across policies, processes, and controls involved in securing data and the overall cloud infrastructure. The right provider will put security and stability front and center, ensure that entrusted data is protected, and can verify security measures to protect data in the cloud. 

The truth behind common cloud security myths 

Our new white paper, The Truth Behind Seven Common Cloud Security Myths, dispels common myths about cloud security while also sharing a framework for safely selecting the right software delivery option for labeling and other business applications. Read our answers to 7 commonly asked questions about privacy concerns, attack prevention, and other best practices. Also be sure to watch our webinar, which discusses how the cloud has become a flexible, cost-effective, and highly scalable software delivery method, providing untapped benefits for organizations of all sizes. 

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