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September 26, 2022


Are manual labeling processes holding your company back?

Robbie Irwin

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Global supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, with constantly evolving regulations and customer demands keeping companies on their toes. Many organizations are realizing how much Enterprise Labeling has become a mission-critical part of the supply chain, and the positive impact it has when it comes to compliance, responsiveness, revenue, and efficiency. And in light of ongoing labor shortages, security concerns, and other challenges, businesses are looking to eliminate manual processes in favor of streamlined, automated systems. 

This is because manual barcode labeling is resource-intensive and inefficient, especially for companies that are growing quickly, introducing new products, or working to acquire new customers. These effects can add up, leading to lost revenue and mistakes that damage customer relations or result in penalties for non-compliance. Those using the barcode font in Microsoft word to relabel on the plant floor, for example, are more likely face errors than those with a fully integrated system. Without a centralized source of truth to work from and rely on, organizations also run the risk of greater labor costs, too much redundant data that must be continually updated and maintained, and potential health concerns when life sciences, food & beverage, and other products are mislabeled.  

Rather than clinging to these outdated processes, companies should adopt an automated, integrated labeling solution that offers the freedom and reliability to innovate, grow, and operate more efficiently. While consuming fewer resources and time than manual processes, automated solutions offer benefits that include the following:  

  • Certified integration with ERPs and other platforms, streamlining the labeling process and ensuring consistency guided by a single source of truth.  
  • Intuitive saving of product information, much like the web automation that stores personal user data so that it doesn’t have to be entered multiple times. 
  • A secure technology platform that protects companies against potential security breaches and cyberthreats. 
  • Flexibility to help companies save time, save money, and become more efficient, regardless of size or industry. 
  • An interface that allows for quick re-labeling of a product, even by third parties and suppliers when necessary, without running the risk of making costly errors. 

Read our full white paper for free to learn more about the limitations of manual processes, and the benefits of adopting a fully automated Enterprise Labeling solution. 

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