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June 17, 2021


Is there an easier way to approve my labels?

Sandy Borchert

We’re often contacted by companies struggling with manual quality assurance processes. While the details vary from company to company, they typically experience some or all of the following:

  • They have to print labels manually in order to get them approved.
  • They have to maintain a manual record of all printed labels.
  • They spend a considerable amount of time and resources manually checking labels before they’re printed.
  • If a labeling issue or error occurs, they have a hard time finding out when, where and by whom the label was printed.

Take your manual QA workflow online – with Label Cloud

The solution to all of these challenges is labeling in the Cloud. Label Cloud, our comprehensive, cloud labeling solution, digitizes the label creation and approval process. Let’s take the same manual process described above, and see what it would look like in its digital version:

  • A business user designs a label, saves it in the Label Cloud document management system and sends an approval request.
  • Your QA manager gets the approval request by email, and logs on to the same system to review and approve the label.
  • Once the label is printed, Label Cloud creates a history record, so you always know who printed the label, and when and where it was printed.

If this is what Label Cloud can do for your quality assurance, imagine what it can do for your other labeling processes. Find out. Download our Label Cloud eBook.

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