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August 24, 2022


Five roadblocks when managing complex packaging artwork - and how to overcome them

Troy Walker

Global Artwork & Packaging Solutions Executive

Providing controlled access that allows everyone to work from the same playbook, and that allows manufacturers to maintain ultimate control of their artwork, is a must-have for today’s organizations. 

With so many internal and external partners playing a role in the labeling process, it’s easy for things to fall by the wayside, get overlooked, and be handled improperly. Multiply these mistakes by hundreds or thousands of labels, and the disparate systems, spreadsheets, emails, and in-person meetings traditionally used to manage the process can add up to serious time and money losses, among other challenges. 

Let’s take a look at five roadblocks companies face when they don’t have a solution for managing all their packaging artwork in one place and how a centralized Artwork Management solution helps to overcome them. 

Challenge 1: Viewing and editing digital media. With an email-based approach, stakeholders can’t view and mark up digital media simultaneously or compare revisions efficiently, which can result in costly errors and unexpected delays.  

Challenge 2: Assets aren’t centralized. For many companies, packaging artwork assets are never centralized or made accessible to all the internal and external stakeholders involved. When there is no controlled access to the workflows and files they need, the process slows down and accuracy is impacted. 

Challenge 3: Partners are working in their own silos. Because there is no centralization or accessibility, partners are operating in their own silos, making it difficult to determine who is accountable for what. This poor visibility from a lack of accountability impacts deadlines and workflows that are not clearly communicated, causing insufficiency in the process.  

Challenge 4: Global reach. Using PDF-sharing via email makes it more difficult to scale a manual artwork process globally.   

Challenge 5: Locating consistent and approved artwork. In using email, it’s nearly impossible to track down artwork that has been approved for use. This can also create confusing mix-ups, such as teams working off documents that are incorrect or incomplete, causing stakeholders to lose valuable time by sifting through email chains. 

A centralized Artwork Management solution solves all these challenges by storing your artwork in one place and making it accessible to all stakeholders. By taking advantage of the latest technology available across modern Artwork Management solutions, you can streamline the packaging concept to shelf procedure by bringing accountability and structure to your processes. This will help your company to lower costs, improve control and regulatory compliance, and significantly decrease complexity.  

Read our full white paper for free to begin your packaging artwork transformation today! 

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