Seamlessly Link Web-Based Applications to Your Enterprise

Loftware Web Services (LWS) is a seamless and efficient way for your web-based applications to communicate with your Loftware enterprise labeling environment. A standard services-based interface brings the power of Loftware Enterprise Labeling Solutions to your existing enterprise systems without requiring the introduction of a new user interface or labeling application.

Leave the Coding to Us

LWS provides a standard set of web services that enable you to drive labeling while eliminating costly and inefficient custom programming. A web service-based interface brings together all of your existing third-party applications under one printing system—cutting software and hardware investment costs.

Secure, Role-Based Access Control

LWS meets all industry standards. It uses Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and LDAP integration, providing the means for immediate connectivity so you can get on with lowering production costs. With RBAC, your labeling infrastructure has secure authentication and is only accessed by authorized applications and users.

Proven Technology

LWS has a proven technology stack that utilizes industry-standard API and a SOAP-based interface, reducing inefficient programming and learning curves. You can efficiently add enterprise class label printing to existing legacy applications and avoid the high costs of rewriting, re-engineering, testing, and maintenance.


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