Printing with Unrivaled Performance

Loftware Spectrum offers unrivaled performance and scale, enabling you to optimize barcode label printing across your global network of printers and locations. Spectrum empowers many of the world’s largest companies to print millions of labels a day across hundreds of global sites with a single deployment of Loftware Spectrum.

If you're looking for barcode printing software with unmatched capabilities, Spectrum includes native printer drivers which support thousands of printer makes and models across your diverse global universe of printers. These native drivers minimize print streams and reduce network traffic to maximize print speeds, do not need to be installed or maintained locally like Windows printer drivers. By optimizing print performance and reducing maintenance efforts, native drivers help you save substantial time and money.

Spectrum also gives you visibility into the status of your print devices providing the ability to control them at both the global or local level. Spectrum’s remote printing capabilities mean you can print over the internet without relying on network connectivity to printers. This allows you to extend printing to remote sites and supply chain partners while maintaining the same level of performance and quality as when printing to networked devices. And, Spectrum’s sophisticated queue management allows total control over label printing, including the ability to pause, restart, move and delete print jobs. For example, you can pause jobs until you are ready for them to print or move them from a printer that is in an error state to one that is operational.

Additionally, Spectrum supports color printing with the same efficiency, high performance and quality standards as Spectrum’s thermal print capabilities. Spectrum’s color support can eliminate the need to purchase and manage pre-printed stock, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Spectrum also supports the native printing of PDF documents with the ability to print, manage and store PDF versions of printed labels.

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Spectrum Webinar

When it comes to Enterprise Labeling, leading organizations are turning to Loftware Spectrum to meet the complex demands of their global supply chain. A powerful, scalable 100% browser-based platform, Spectrum offers revolutionary capabilities to meet the needs of all stakeholders in the labeling process.

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